Xigoconnect: Curating Out-of-Box Recruitment Solutions to get the Right Professionals on Board

 Rajesh Gade,  Founder

Rajesh Gade


Today, there is no denying that business dynamics are changing at a faster pace than ever before. At such a time, it is the right leadership on board that can steer businesses to success. While hiring an IT employee is always a challenge, what is a bigger task is recruiting a C–level Executive (CXO) or a Senior Manager for a company who can both accelerate growth and integrate smoothly into the existing organizational structure, and this is where Xigoconnect plays a key role.

With the objective of helping firms connect with CXO level and senior IT professionals who work towards evolving businesses, Rajesh Gade established Xigoconnect in 2020 during the pandemic. Today, the firm has established itself as a reliable partner in discovering great leaders that integrate into the company's established norms, collaborate well with others inside the enterprise, and succeed in a dynamic market.

To help its clients find and attract the best possible employees, Xigoconnect designs customized recruiting solutions. Since its inception, Xigoconnect's key offerings are OTH - ‘onetime hiring’, which is a permanent employment service, and CTH -‘contract hire’, which the company will be providing from January 2023. The major emphasis of this service is on assisting with IT backbone infrastructure. Furthermore, Xigoconnect intends to launch an executive search division to aid SMEs in recruiting highly
qualified professionals including consultants, project managers, and CFOs.

In addition to that, Xigoconnect's unparalleled expertise in the field makes it simple for clients to identify applicants who meet their requirements. “At Xigoconnect, we have access to a large talent pool that includes more than one hundred unlisted experts. Its careful hunting method and quality evaluation abilities enable the firm to identify resources that have the potential to become productive employees. Customers benefit from this since it enables them to reduce complexity & ease of doing business”, says Rajesh Gade, Founder, Xigoconnect.

Xigoconnect deploys its personnel to the client's facilities to augment their IT Infrastructure needs

Hiring not just the Best but the Appropriate Talent
The need to accommodate a broad variety of skill sets, specialized jobs, and ever changing teams makes recruitment a challenging task. The Requirement Analysis provided by Xigoconnect becomes useful in such a situation, since it enables the organization to have a comprehensive grasp of the requirements at hand. “After Xigoconnect has completed an in depth strategic evaluation, we start looking for candidate profiles through a variety of different channels. Through the use of Xigoconnect, skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into the client's company are collected.

After compiling a list of prospective employees' profiles, Xigoconnect gives each one a careful review before settling on a single candidate for the position”, shares Rajesh.

After Xigoconnect has completed its examination of the profiles of a group of possible candidates, the firm takes it to the next phase, which is to conduct one-on-one interviews with the applicants who have distinguished themselves. This assists the company in recognizing individuals who have the potential to become well-rounded leaders. In addition, if Xigoconnect finds a candidate who can be a good fit for an open job, the firm connects the client and the applicant to determine whether or not the latter fulfils the requirements specified by the former.

Speaking about the future plans of Xigoconnect, Rajesh says, “We vest our focus on working with startups and SMEs who value the services and pay us on time. In the years to come, we aspire to be a key role player in IT infrastructure contract hire. We are also coming up with a virtual IT support portal, where we will offer virtual assistance to startups and SMEs, and this will be the first of its kind in the country".