Yodaplus: Transforming the New Age Blockchain

Vishrut Srivastava,  Managing Director

Vishrut Srivastava

Managing Director

Blockchain development services are helping not just businesses and enterprises alone but are complimenting the whole technology industry of-ferings. The last few years have witnessed the rampant use of the internet and technological advancements that have eased money transactions, but there is another lingering factor. Financial assets moving through conventional systems move through correspondent houses, clearing houses, and centralized depository systems, making it time-consuming and expensive.

Nestled in this space is Yodaplus, a NextGen Solutions provider helping organizations to scale up their technologies to become Smart Enterprises. Their blockchain technology expertise has led them to nurture the Decentralized Finance world. They build intelligent business solutions on the XinFinblockchain platform (The XDC Network) that have been crucial for the XDC community to flourish by leaps and bounds.

According to Vishrut Srivastava, Managing Director, "Our recent development in the Asset Tokenization field has garnered attention and accolades from the community across the globe. We have built a platform that can help people transform their assets into tokens. We are developing new features and enhancing the capabilities of this platform so that it can be a solution to many problems that have been plaguing the trade finance sector for a very long time".

Yodaplus as a company firmly believes in transitioning from the traditional to the decentralized world of blockchain, rendering more power to users instead of central authorities. Their Dapp development team has been working relentlessly and is hopeful
for some significant developments in Web 3, which are expected to help budding entrepreneurs and developers with new opportunities.

The key management of the firm has over 70 years of combined experience in the field of traditional finance across the world, servicing investment banks, rating agencies, hedge funds, asset managers, etc., and recognizes the potential of blockchain to solve a number of the problems that traditional financial systems face. They are convinced that the future of finance is blockchain technology, not just DeFi, but the whole way the web is experienced is going to rapidly transform into a three dimensional, multiperson, interactive experience where voice and IoT will play an integral role.

Yodaplus as a company firmly believes in transition from the traditional to the decentralized world of blockchain, rendering more power to users instead of central authorities

Creating the Future
Yodaplus's most valuable development of 2021 is Yplusvault, a leading-Multisig wallet that is helping crypto businesses worldwide, especially the XDC community. It is a highly secure wallet that lets you manage your digital assets on Xinfin Blockchain. The popular applications include managing Escrow accounts, applying 2 Factor Authentication, decision-making in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and more. The number of businesses using Yplusvault has reached 50+ within three months of its launch. They have also developed an Asset Tokenization Platform providing DVP (Delivery Versus Payment) settlement capabilities(thereby decentralizing the clearing house operations), Onchain KYC, and restrictions to help automate the regulatory compliance of the tokens issued on the chain. The platform will help trade finance asset originators seamlessly connect with the investors in a decentralized way, plug the global trade finance gap and help underserved MSME segment to get the financing solutions for their needs eliminating the need for a trusted counter party in the process.

Upcoming Innovations
Yodaplus is soon launching its next solution, "Decentralized Lending Pool". The Pool Smart contract will decentralize the process of mobilizing the capital and investing it in the onchain digital assets (Trade finance & other realworld asset backed tokens) in such a way that gives full transparency and control to investors on their investments, including transparency of NAV calculation and view into the pool's investment portfolio. This solution will decentralize the existing web2 collective investment vehicle (like mutual fund) operations.

Yodaplus is currently working on a number of exciting projects ranging from crosschain bridges, asset tracking for e-Waste management, digital identity, decentralized metaverse, and more.