Yogamruta: Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness for workplaces

Amruta Deshpande Bhatia, FounderYogamruta resonates empowerment of people to move smarter, better, and pain-free to lead calmer, peaceful and fulfilling lives. The institute was incepted with a vision of promoting wellness with the sweetness of yoga. Living up to the motto Everything is Yoga, Yogamrutaim parts life skills and mould a person's approach to life. “We would want to provide cost effective ways for students for knowledge and skill enhancement. We would like to have a carved pathway and eventually an organized wellness sector,” speaks Amruta Deshpande Bhatia, Founder.

Yogamruta’s services emphasize on an attitudinal change to one’s life, whether the practices/ exercises are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Their success is based on the number of happy faces of their clients as well as the trainers.

The Ideation of Yogamruta
The passion of physical well-being was encrypted in Amruta
Deshpande Bhatia since days of her higher education. A passionate soul, Amruta did not believe in limiting herself to a mere 9 to 5 job. Although she had enrolled her name for a PG course in finance, she could hardly feel a connect with her chosen field. As a child, Amruta had immense interest in athletics, swimming and dancing. An avid reader of Osho's books, she could connect to his concept of witnessing. These interests further shaped her mind about wellness and this was the beginning. After gaining substantial experience in the wellness & healthcare industry, she zeroed in forming a platform that offers on-site yoga, health, fitness and wellness to meet the specific needs of a diverse range of industries, companies, events, charities and individuals. She named it Yogamruta. “My thought was to create a platform to impart practical knowledge wherein we can learn to take better care of ourselves.We look forward to infuse value and lessen struggle to enable students to take up careers in wellness,” speaks Amruta.

"Yogamruta’s services emphasize on an attitudinal change to one’s life, whether the practices/exercises are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual"

Initially, the institute gained recognition by word of mouth and internal marketing and it was in 2017 when they began to full-fledged functioning. “Until then, we were trying to establish the proof of concept in this niche part of the
health industry. Eventually we decided to reach out and expand more with the launch of our website last year,” she says.

The team does not believe in being a part of the rat race. To them, prioritizing well being for all including their clients and associates is important. “This helps us to innovate and create different programs for companies. It’s not only our content but the delivery and presentation of the sessions that makes us unique,” she adds.

The Future Goals
Started off in Mumbai, Yogamruta now functions on a Pan India level. The institute is slowly expanding in a phased manner from metros to tier 2 and tier 3 cities and seeking a global presence soon. With an extremely friendly workforce, Yogamruta takes immense pride in them for the capacity to stand from zero to what they are today. Amruta mentions, “My family has been my pillars of strength and support. I have learnt a lot from Mr. Pradeep Solanki and he has throughout trusted my abilities to conduct sessions for companies when I had no experience.”

In the years to come, Amruta and her team wishes to collaborate with wellness experts, to create new programs and looks forward to physiotherapists & yoga experts working together for better programs for corporates. “We are also introducing dance as a major medium for stress management,” she concludes.