Yooshopper: Aiming Safety for All!

Everything in business and every business has gone digital. e-Commerce segment is no exception. The industry is showing an upward growth trajectory and is redefining the way business is done in India. India's e-Commerce segment which is one of the largest growing markets and is expected to grow to the US $200 billion by 2026 is leading a new pathway for business enterprises by helping in making the switch from traditional to the modern way of living. Withe-commerce fuelling the growth of India's economy, the sector has opened up a lot of opportunities and is making it possible for an individual to lead a hitech life. Yooshopper is one such venture in the field that is working towards the goal of making our lives easier. A Steelbird Venture, Yooshopper introduces a wide array of services ranging from food delivery to buying bike accessories and bouquets."At YooShopper, we have come up with a one stop go to platform for consumers that offer anything from everything while also enabling them to become a part of the value chain,"says Varun Gautam, CEO.

Established in 2015, Yooshooper is a Steelbird High Tech Limited initiative that initially provided motorcycle helmets, accessories and spare parts in India but later the group also plunged into the hyperlocal market arena. As with the changing habits of a consumer, the company realized the growth and business potential of the online platform and came up with its unique idea of bringing the entire consumer suitable services under one roof. With a diverse service portfolio in place, YooShopper houses over 10,000 products from over 10,000 different brands that are delivered at the doorstep of an individual. "Looking to ease the day to day woes of everyday life, YooShopper brings all small and large scale stores and restaurants
/dhaabas together in front of a customer. The deliveries happen when you want and where you want via your preferred neighbourhood retailer,"avers Varun.
Varun Gautam,  CEO
Motivated and backed by the Managing Director of Steelbird HighTech Limited, Mr. Rajeev Kapur, Yooshooper specializes in the helmet segment where it offers a varied number of products ranging from Open Face, Full Face, MotoCross and Customized Helmets with antiscratch and antifog options. The manufacturing of all these products follows an optimally integrated mechanism with quality checks at each department.

A Steelbird Venture, Yooshopper introduces a wide array of services ranging from food delivery to buying bike accessories and bouquets

As technology improved with faster broadband services and better mobile devices, YooShooper found the ideal path to weave its success story on the e-commerce arena. The firm is continuously working on creating a broad service spectrum that can be availed by anyone and everyone. Through its products, the firm is keen on building a secure world by allowing a safe biking experience for all and at the same time they are working on eliminating the complications that a common buyer has to face when he goes to the market. "We understand the value of money and thus we select and sell only those products that offer genuine value. We are looking forward to promoting steady growth while manufacturing outstanding products and we are following through to explore new frontiers," he concludes.