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Sinthuja, Co-Founder,Kalidoss Rajagoplan, Founder & Technical Director

Sinthuja, Co-Founder

Kalidoss Rajagoplan, Founder & Technical Director

In this decade, India's online Retail Industry is booming larger than among all the industries, accounting for over 10 percent of the country's GDP and around 8 percent of the employment. The booming retail sector in India is worth $500 billion. With an annual growth rate of about 20 percent, it is still largely dominating, as well as competing with small shops and stores. Moreover, the pandemic has accelerated the shift toward a more digital world and triggered changes in online shopping behavior. During the pandemic situation, customers hesitate to come out and buy even essential products. They are going with the corporate online sellers or new startup themes and taking online services. Due to this, the local grocery shops & mid-level stores are badly affected and not being able to retain their customers.

Thus, is an e-commerce solution, Jnana Inventive Private Limited is a parent company serving this online solution working as a labor and IT team for the small shop owners, supporting them going towards the next level to the SMEs and MSMEs. The company is an associate partner with ICICI Bank. is furnishing web and mobile app solutions for users to set up an e-store in less than 10 minutes with highly secure online transitions. This e-commerce
solution is a SAAS based web and application with a very minimal cost per year, easy to use, and saves valuable time in a productive way to the sellers and retailers. “In this COVID 19 situation we saw that the small stores are not being able to make that much revenue, we redesigned our framework and prizing module and came up with a solution which was affordable and efficient” signifies Kalidoss, Founder of Jnana Inventive.

Kalidoss Rajagopalan as Founder and Sinthuja as Co-Founder of Jnana Inventive Private Limited, managing the company along with the young team, they found this awesome solution to get rid of the issues of a downgrading business at the pandemic situation and to small business and shop owners to upgrade their business by the online selling at their brand name.

Affordable and Reliable E-Commerce Solution Sourcing Platform
Moreover, the platform provides a huge opportunity for local shops and mid-level stores., the on-line e-commerce solution doesn't collect any maintenance charges and is fully secure that it doesn't have bugs and keep any malware in it. The web and app don't require technical knowledge to set up business and sellers can run their business seamlessly. The users can benefit from various features from the e-commerce solution such as Real time update Order Tracking, SMS gateway, Simplified POS system, Payment Gateway, Coupon management, Delivery management, User management and many more. Especially the credit facility will be very useful for retailers and SMEs. Also, YourEStore, the online e-commerce solution which is creating more jobs and business opportunities for those who want to start their own business or want to earn extra mon-ey using their marketing skills.

Significantly, the major factor that the sellers are following the company is providing this platform at a very reasonable price and affordable cost. Moreover, In September, Jnana Inventive got shortlisted by Retailers Association of India (RAI) as one of the top 10 retail tech startups who made it to the finals of ReTech Start-up Awards. The company is aiming towards 5,000-10,000 subscriptions by 2023 and planning to align delivery partners in Tier 1 and 2 cities. Besides, the company is looking forward to connecting with business investors, the Government, NBFC and other Retail support to increase the Retailer network and business growth.

"Jnana Inventive not only provides e-commerce online retail solutions but also our team helps them in digital marketing and digital technical consultation in a single roof" concludes Kalidoss.