Ytiliga: Pharmaceuticals Development Designed to Save Lives

Praveen Kumar Singh , Director
Praveen Kumar Singh

The pharmaceutical research and development is one of the finest examples of the human invention. Over the years, it has greatly enhanced the quality and span of human life. Yet this engine of innovation is sputtering. Despite significant advances, the traditional way of organizing drug discovery, development and distribution at times fail to meet the level of expectation. Moreover, the research efforts often turn out to be volatile and the inexplicable change in regulatory decisions add more to the uncertainties of the sector. Linking with the external obstacles, however, is the internal culture of most pharma companies. There is no choice left for them but to re-evaluate their business models with bringing in all the critical teams of R & D, commercialization, production, supply chain and others altogether.

Praveen Kumar Singh, Director at Ytiliga Private Limited – an Indian based global innovation led pharmaceutical company was quick to identify this. Prior to founding Ytiliga, Praveen was the Co-founder of HealthTokri, a unique online store that dealt with healthcare products and services. It was during that time at HealthTokri, the idea of setting up another company took place.
Praveen says, “We were busy concerned in creating an online drug delivery network model. During that, I came across the varied areas of the medical domain such as pharmaceutical products, medicine, and the entire supply chain mechanism. It seemed to look more promising. Already being on the retail side, I thought why not to try my luck in the front end and create something impactful and sustainable in the long run. That’s when Ytiliga was born.”

"New Delhi based Ytiliga is one-of-the-first start-ups that has been successful to collaborate with super-specialty institutions, doctors and partners for better healthcare ecosystem"

Ytiliga since its humble beginning in 2016 has grown to be one of the most trusted names among the pharmaceutical companies in India. Envisioned to ensure wellness for everyone, the goal of Ytiliga clearly depicts no individual shall be denied access to high-quality wellness product. Today, it is recognized as one of the most reputed companies that work for development, manufacturing, and distribution of a wider range of pharmaceutical products.

What began from the rural interiors in the state of Uttar Pradesh soon was able to carve a niche across the region, Delhi and some parts of NCR. While travelling across U.P., Praveen was able to identify the dearth existing in terms of awareness, the right information and latest developments taking place in the pharmaceutical world. Both from the doctors and patients end. “To mitigate this huge gap, we created a system wherein the focus
was to represent the day-to-day innovations and assure product value to general physician and surgeons and meet the unmet needs of the patients,” he asserts.

Revolutionising Healthcare
Ytiliga's primary objective has always been to sell products. On the service side, it monitors the daily progress of the products, finds out newer research irrespective of guidelines and rolls-out the new information among healthcare community for better diagnosis. Bridging the gap between technological advancements and medical sciences, the company’s in-house tool filters the content available on the internet and enables them for end-to-end results, in a seamless manner.

As a marketing brand in generics, the company has extended its arms in super specialty departments of Neurology, Nephrology, Urology, and Gynaecology. Trying to increase the power of knowledge sharing across tertiary, secondary to primary level, the 20+ member team at Ytiliga is more inclined towards building innovative solutions for modern healthcare challenges and encourages upliftment of the society’s well-being.

New Delhi based Ytiliga is one-of-the-first start-ups that has been successful to collaborate with super-specialty institutions, doctors, and partners for better healthcare ecosystem. Mentored by distinguished industry veterans, it strives to work above and beyond its distinctive approach. In a short span, Ytiliga has grown 4X and plans to initiate its operations in Bihar and PAN India by end of this fiscal year.