Zapati: Transforming the Plan-Prepare-Eat Custom to Just Click-Eat

Phagun Baya, Deepak Joshi &  Manohar Sharan,  CEO & Co-founder, Co-founder & VP & Co-founder & COO

Phagun Baya, Deepak Joshi & Manohar Sharan

CEO & Co-founder, Co-founder & VP & Co-founder & COO

Smart technology is infiltrating the heart of the home, and people couldn’t be happier. Many of the kitchen remodelling projects are updated with smart devices & appliances and the option to manage one’s kitchen via a bot is about to get real — very real. The possibilities for efficiency, convenience, and timesaving routines are only beginning to open up — and like everything technology related, those possibilities seem endless. In a fast growing ecosystem where everything is nearly achieving its way to be high-tech, automatic, collaborative and self-sufficient. Udaipur, Rajasthan headquartered Zapati Private Limited takes a leap forward to touch the root requirement of every Indian kitchen.

Zapati like a bot is a self-sufficient appliance that learns, delivers and meets household expectations

Zapati is an early startup focused to develop a novel, safe, innovative and revolutionary appliance which can change the way people look at chapati (Indian roti) making. The first of its kinds, Zapati meets everyone’s expectation by preparing fresh healthy chapatis on a simple click without any hassle at all. Chapati making is not an easy task, also, who would have thought that chapatis could be prepared with microwave wave sized appliance. It’s the design and engineering of the appliance that has brought the idea to life. Zapati like a bot is a self-sufficient appliance that learns, delivers and meets household & kitchen expectations. Being customers themselves, the Zapati team knows the cost they would pay for such an appliance. “Our target is to keep the price of Zapati in an economic range that almost everyone can afford to purchase.Also, if one compares the features, it would compensate the cost a lot better”, explains Phagun Baya, CEO & Co-founder, Zapati.In the late year of 2012, the team started formulating the idea of making a bot which can prepare chapatis by itself. As unique it
seems, the tiny group of brains crafted out the various phases of chapati making in order to automate it. All the toil paid off when in 2015, the team came to a conclusion with a fresh chapati in hand. Following which, the company named the appliance – Zapati.

Since technology advances, such appliances too need to be upgraded to remain the hotshot in the market. Zapati runs beta test after performing every feature development. Once the results work out and the cost is justified, it is tagged as production ready. Currently, the team is into the beta phase and expects it to run for a little longer period as compared to the previous runs. Along with this, the Zapati team has been heavily re-doing and re-engineering vital parts of the appliance for off the edge experience and user adaptability with a target to launch in 2017.

Getting listed among the Innovation
Yatra by CNBC Aawaz in September
2016, is the first of the many
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