ZAZZY: Redefining Branding, Design, & Technology with a Holistic Approach

Krishna M,  Director - Brand Experience

Krishna M

Director - Brand Experience

In the dynamic and fiercely competitive world of business, startups face the daunting task of carving out a niche for themselves and gaining a foothold in their respective markets. To achieve this, it is imperative for start-ups to invest in developing a strong brand that distinguishes them from their competitors and leaves a lasting impression on the customers. A well-designed visual identity is an essential component of building a brand that is memorable and recognizable.

ZAZZY, a brand development startup based in Pune, is determined to make waves in the competitive world of digital transformation by thinking outside the box and going the extra mile for its clients. With a team of innovative thinkers and trailblazers, ZAZZY is committed to creating bespoke brand identities that are as unique as a snowflake and as memorable as a catchy tune.

ZAZZY, is more than a design agency; with a dream to soar higher than the stars, the firm was established in August 2020. While it may not be a tangible product solving a specific issue, it is a melting pot of creativity and design expertise, aimed at making a global impact. “We believe that India lacks design studios that can compete on a global scale. So we are determined to change that by solving the digital transformation problems of innovative startups globally and making it to the top five list of best design agencies in the world”, speaks Jay Mistry, Founder. As they say, the sky is not the limit, but a starting point for ZAZZY's ambitious journey.

The firm is not any average run-ofthe- mill design agency. The company's approach is holistic and goes beyond creating eye-catching visuals. ZAZZY believes in creating a comprehensive brand experience that resonates with customers and helps brands establish a unique identity. “From developing brand names and strategies to creating marketing materials and animations, we work closely with brands from the very beginning to create a brand experience that truly stands out”, says Krishna M, Director - Brand Experience. The firm’s young and experimental team, combined with its experienced leadership, sets them apart from other providers in the brand development segment.

The company believes in understanding the user psyche and persona to improve the user experience and optimize the user funnel. ZAZZY's unique approach to branding involves putting more effort into primary research to create outputs that engage with customers. The company doesn’t just complete projects and move on to the next revenue source; instead, it views each project as an opportunity to build its own portfolio with someone else's money.

Zazzy creates impactful & meaningful experiences that resonate with its audiences & drive business outcomes

ZAZZY's team is led by Jay, the self proclaimed Chief Mistake Maker who takes full responsibility for any errors. The team is made up of experienced professionals, including Neha Sharma (Marketing Department), Rujuta Rane (Operations Department), Malav (Head- Finance Department), and Krishna (Design Department). Despite being a relatively small team, ZAZZY's agility and hard work have allowed them to achieve great success. Finally, completing the team is Junior, the furry four-legged Chief Happiness Officer, who brings boundless joy and cheer to everyone around.

ZAZZY has worked with a variety of high-profile clients, including a Spanish investment banking platform, IIT Ropar, Mapro & Falero - an Indian FMCG brand, and has recently completed an e-commerce store for Malta & Italy. The firm has an ambitious roadmap, with plans to open offices in Dublin, the US, and Bangalore within the next 10 months, (US registration is in progress) which will allow them to establish a global presence in the branding industry. As ZAZZY continues to grow and expand, it remains committed to creating meaningful and impactful brands that resonate with its audience, and it looks forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of branding.