Zetwerk: Transforming Contract Manufacturing with AI & Machine Learning

Ankit Fatehpuria, Co-founder

Ankit Fatehpuria


The global contract manufacturing industry is a rapidly growing sector that involves outsourcing the production of goods to third-party manufacturers. This industry has become increasingly important in recent years due to the rising demand for cost effective and efficient manufacturing solutions. The industry is diverse and encompasses a wide range of sectors including electronics, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, aerospace, and automotive industries. Zetwerk is a technology enabled contract manufacturing marketplace that partners with industrial and consumer enterprises globally.

By creating true partnerships with MSMEs, Zetwerk provides its clients with end-to-end solutions that include supplier selection, pricing, and fulfillment of orders across various industries. The firm aims to address the manufacturing requirements of various industries and is considered a category creator in the manufacturing marketplace, similar to Amazon in the e-commerce business. Using world class domain expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Design, Zetwerk is able to build a manufacturing marketplace that large global customers can trust. Being sector-agnostic, Zetwerk has the potential to address the manufacturing requirements of various companies from Oil & Gas, Transmission & Distribution, transportation, Renewables, Aerospace, Electronics and more.

Led by industry experts Amrit Acharya, Srinath Ramakrushnan, Rahul Sharma, Vishal Chaudhary, and Ankit Fatehpuria, Zetwerk wasset up in 2018 after identifying manufacturing pain points such as identifying the right supplier, managing spending, tracking progress, and the product life cycle. Zetwerk's technology platform allows customers to track the progress of their projects in realtime, providing complete visibility into every stage of the manufacturing process. The customers are guaranteed timely delivery of their products at competitive prices and world class quality. Its manufacturing partners enjoy higher utilization of their capacities and portfolio services that help drive revenue growth and
optimize manufacturing costs. The company has also received recognition for its work in the manufacturing industry, including being recognized as the Most Outstanding Startup 2023 by Forbes India, featured in the Tech 25 list of 2023 by Entrepreneur India magazine, and acknowledged as a Great place to work in manufacturing by GPTW.

Technological Expertise & Sector-Agnostic Approach
Zetwerk's Manufacturing Operating System software helps customers with their expectations of timely delivery, quality, and affordability. Ankit Fatehpuria explains, "This software provides various features like digital supply selection, pricing recommendations, real time tracking of manufacturing, visual updates, seamless communication among stakeholders, and quality assurance". Zetwerk's software led approach unifies different stakeholders in the manufacturing ecosystem to work as a single entity to deliver highquality manufacturing with the fastest possible lead times and at the lowest possible costs. These stakeholders include product designers, manufacturing partners, logistics providers, third-party quality inspectors, financing partners, raw material suppliers, and others.

The company's mission is to help its clients increase profits while minimizing spending

Zetwerk has emerged as a leading global manufacturing source by offering a unique platform that converts designs into physical products. With a focus on unifying the manufacturing ecosystem, the company has partnered with over 10,000 suppliers and executed projects for more than 1,200 customers worldwide, spanning multiple business verticals. Zetwerk has established a global presence and created over 100,000 jobs in India through its manufacturing partners. The firm, committed to providing worldclass services through cutting-edge technology has been instrumental in its success, with international markets accounting for 16 percent of its overall revenue of Rs. 5,718 crore in FY22.

Critical Challenges & Evolution of Business Model
Zetwerk has diversified its services beyond India and ventured into international markets, adding consumer business to its portfolio in addition to the industrial segment. The company leverages technology by providing realtime status reports to manufacturers and vendors, giving its buyers a comprehensive view of their orders from raw materials to finished products. Zetwerk overcame challenges, including a fragmented supply chain system and access issues, by evolving its model to offer portfolio services such as logistics and access to working capital. By offering a range of services and demonstrating its capabilities through successful orders, Zetwerk has gained the trust of its customers. The companys ability to adapt its model and offerings has been instrumental in its success.

Zetwerk is committed to enhancing its inhouse technological capabilities to provide a more personalized experience for its clients. The firm has launched Zet Town, which is a factory spanning over 50,000 sq. ft., featuring advanced testers, a product development innovation lab, and 16 manufacturing lines. Zetwerk aims to introduce efficiency to various manufacturing supply chains across several sectors in India. While Zetwerk is considering building capabilities inhouse, it recognizes the benefits of acquiring capabilities to address certain use cases. The company plans to expand its services and capabilities to new industries, including renewables, medical devices, and auto ancillaries. Zetwerk's focus on innovation and customer satisfaction will make it a reliable choice for clients in the manufacturing industry.