Zinema Entertainment: Bridging Young Filmmakers To Various Media Platforms With Resources

Balwanth Singh,FounderThe Indian media and entertainment touched USD 18 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow to USD 29 billion approximately by 2023 registering a CAGR of 17 percent. The growth is attributed to widespread expansion of internet services across the country, and increasing availability of smart phones and computers, thus culminating in acceleration in adoption of digital platforms among users. Certainly, the emergence of OTT platforms has amplified the demand for new content.

We can witness people having extremely easy access to cinematic contents all over the globe. This phenomenon is creating a space for independent and regional filmmakers to showcase plethora of quality contents. But it is still a challenge for them to reach out to OTT platforms or arrange for theatrical distribution as this space is more inclined towards acclaimed filmmakers instead of giving the newcomers an opportunity for public visibility.

This is where Zinema Entertainment Private Limited (ZEPL) comes in to act as a facilitator for young filmmakers by connecting them with digital platforms and providing them access to theatrical distribution and various revenue streams. ZEPL operates as a diversified entertainment agency that bridges the gap between the talent pool and the recruiters regarding films, television, advertisements, theatre and live events. Since its inception in 2021, the company has been monetising young filmmakers' creative pieces and providing clients with right resources such as actors, casting directors, investors, entertainment manager, producer, creative technicians, directors or any operative that serves the entertainment domain. ZEPL also has a support system that is functional in services like development of script, production, pre & post production, and distribution and exhibition consultancy.

Operational Excellence
ZEPL has enabled a problem-solving apparatus for theatrical distribution and a broad range of other entertainment solutions. They set a content reservoir to aid agencies, brands and production houses with the right resources of creative video, audio content and scripts in order to develop creative ideas for their ventures. Zinema has designed a software application as well so that the user can monitor and modify throughout the process of production of their content. They set up an expanding spectrum of networking among actors, talents, creative technicians, investors, agencies, producers, directors and several other media service providers to connect recruiters with the seekers of opportunity to exhibit their calibres.

This ambience is beneficial for ZEPL to run online auditions, help investors to decide on the project they want to fund and enable effective listing of jobs and consultancy regarding accomplishment of projects. They possess the expertise to develop a script just
from scratch when they see commercial potential in the idea. They help directors with scriptwriters to chalk out a full-fledged script from unorganized chain of thoughts. Zinema looks into sale and marketing segment also to ensure feasible process of television release of contents. They have tied up with advertisement agencies as well to promote the contents to reduce cost of marketing.

ZEPL took notice of the adversity of independent filmmakers in acquisition of proper media exposure due to the industry being dominated by privileged ones and took the endeavour to create their own OTT platform which is getting launched in coming few days, where the independent works will have the advantage of widespread visibility and monetization of contents without having to go through unfair struggles. Their OTT portal titled as NET5 will be streaming both world and Indian movies along with contents like stand-up comedy shows, poetry specific programs, documentaries and short films.

The audience base that Zinema is targeting for their OTT venture belong to tier 2 and 3 towns of India with the special focus on regional languages such as Bengali, Assamee, Oriya, Marathi, Manipuri, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bhojpuri and Tulu. Zinema emphasizes on creating opportunities for filmmakers from marginalized background in the entertainment space though their OTT platform. They will look at educational content as well as spiritual and children's specific contents for NET5. The streaming platform will welcome Indian and Asian filmmakers with creative works that have possibilities of commercial expansion.

Zinema pays attention to the recovery of investments made in projects. They are committed to adhere to ethical practices to ensure recovery through presales revenue models. The approach helps them to build a network of trust and avalanche of works for the talents.

Along with the existing offices in Hyderabad and Chennai they are opening in Bombay in the upcoming days. They also are collaborating with the a NFT platforms "Oracle Movies " to digitize contents and anticipating strategic partnership with them. With a workforce of 15 employees Zinema has been working with bunch of freelancers across various creative and technical aspects.

ZEPL is currently working in close association with a US based company "NAVADARSHAN INTERNALTIONALS LLC on a slate of project which includes a Malayalam-English bilingual period drama, A animation Feature Film, A Hindi/Telugu Bilingual film revolving around a life of a Actress and a Docudrama based on Migration.

ZEPL has enabled a problem-solving apparatus for theatrical distribution and a broad range of other entertainment solutions

ZEPL is also working on a Telugu production titled "Devagiri 1971" and also a Hindi movie production "Gangs of Hyderabad" which will be shot in and around Hyderabad, which will go on shooting floors shortly.

ZEPL established the technical infrastructure as well as, has built up a team of creative minds for the content production with dexterity and artistry. Zinema has a library of Hollywood movies and provides the facility of importing resources to their clients. Zinema runs a multifarious facility of theatrical distribution solutions and has the knowledge to secure sales for the contents being produced with their supportive services. This facility of providing last mile solutions to filmmakers has the possibility to bring revolutionary change in the mode of business among the India entertainment industry while creative potential space for more creative cinematic ideas and their transformations.

Balwanth Singh, Founder of Zinema Entertainment Private Limited adds, "In the digital era, one can release their content sitting at one place across pan India, because of available technology and resources, Content Creators can plan their content, we help them plan the Marketing and Sales around it"...

Speaking about the road that is planned ahead for Zinema Entertainment Balwanth Singh concludes, "We are trying to set up smaller movie screens like 150 or 200 seaters and the company has already identified lands in potential locations with in AP & Telangana, This Mini Malls will have retail area in Ground & First floors with movie screens in Top Floors along with Food Courts, Zinema will have about 50 screens in coming 1 to 2 years' time.