Zita Ayurveda: Offering Beauty Products that are Therapeutically Made & Authentically Proven Ayurvedic Combinations

Dr. Rashmi Ved,  Managing Director

Dr. Rashmi Ved

Managing Director

Consumers today are growing increasingly conscious about their personal outlook. Not just the youngsters, even elderly population too is embracing beauty & cosmetic products. As a result, the cosmetics and beauty products industry is witnessing a steep growth in recent times. India ranked fourth globally in terms of revenue generation by the beauty & cosmetic products industry. Research firm Statista predicts that the Indian beauty & cosmetics industry will be worth $5.82 billion in 2022 and further grow at a CAGR of 3.81 percent during 2022-27. Growing consumer awareness towards the industry, increased in disposable income, and changing lifestyle patterns are the major factors causing this rapid market growth.

Being very health conscious and equally concerned about the environment, customers today are more inclined towards products that have zero side effects, ayurvedic, and environment friendly as well. As a result, there is a massive demand for beauty products that are manufactured using natural and ayurvedic ingredients. While there are a multitude of companies claiming their products to be completely natural and chemical free, many companies use chemicals or preservatives in their products without the knowledge of their users. These chemicals are hazardous and can cause cancerous symptoms and PCODs.

Zita Ayurveda, A pune based ayurvedic beauty brand is one such brand that stands-out in the industry by offering beauty products that are 100 percent ayurvedic and
chemicalfree. Fuelled by her knowledge of Ayurveda and passion towards beauty products, Dr. Rashmi Ved (Managing Director, Zita Ayuveda) founded the company with a vision to offer customers beauty products that make them beautiful both internally and externally.

“I was determined to do something for the society, and thus I chose to become a doctor. I want to ensure that people who use our products gets benefitted as much as possible from our products, thus making it worth their time and money. All our cosmetic products are therapeutically made and authentically proven combinations developed referring to many Ayurvedic Granthas. Being the R&D head of my company, I have the clear knowledge of which ingredients to use and which ones not to in any product. Using my experience, I have made a few combinations myself as per the patient’s conditions like pigmentation, dark spots, patches or even wanting to beautify their skin and hair”, says Dr. Rashmi.

All our cosmetic products are therapeutically made and authentically proven combinations developed referring to many Ayurvedic Grant has

Zita Ayurveda offers a wide range of beauty products that include body wash, creams, handmade soaps, immunity boosters, lotions, oils, serums and shampoos, to name a few. Unlike other products in the market, Zita Ayurveda’s products are focused on offering users longterm efficacy and wellness instead of quick results that last for a very short period. Thus, all its products are manufactured in such a way that they naturally balanced and suit a person’s every beauty need.

“Even if at times we have to use preservative, we only use plant derived preservatives that give a shelf life or 2-3 years. This is the main USP of our products. We are a very budget friendly brand, and all our products are vegan and have been produced using 100 percent cruelty free process”, explains Dr. Rashmi.

Having 23+ years of experience in cosmetology & trichology, Dr.
Rashmi has seen first-hand the problems patients face and the
adverse effects chemicals used in beauty products can have over
the user's hair and skin. She has also taken workshops on how to
make cosmetics and ways to take care of one’s skin, hair and body through Ayurveda. She also owns a cosmetology & Trichology academy where she teaches students about how to detect a skin or hair related problem, and treat them externally as well as orally. “Going forward, we will be launching a range of Ayurvedic makeup products which will be color cosmetics but having Ayurvedic content later this year. We are also looking to offer Ayurvedic perfumes that are made of essential oils”, concludes Dr. Rashmi.