ZOEY: Easy Accessibility for all kinds of Pet Services and Related Information

Nilabh Nilottpal, Founder & CEO
Nilabh Nilottpal, Founder& CEO

In today’s world, almost everything and anything we require can be easily accessed with a click of a button – be it for ordering food, doing a financial transaction or anything for that matter. Technology now has taken over almost all of the industries. However, the pet care industry remains an exception here. Though the west is seen being way ahead in terms of this industry, the scenario in the Indian market seems quite different. It is not as much regulated, commercialized and formalized as it is needed to be. And there are certain rules imposed but there’s hardly any implementation.

Bangalore based ZOEY, a platform for all kinds of pet services and related information quick to realize the extensive potentials underlying in this space has seized the opportunity to the market.“Prior to founding ZOEY, we conducted an initial survey and that was the time when we realized that many people wanted to adopt a pet but could
not because of the huge responsibilities coming with it. We came up with the idea to start a platform that not only removes those mental barriers but also provides assistance in the pet care process,” says Nilabh Nilottpal,Founder & CEO, ZOEY.

"Driven by the core mantra to make pet care easy and fun,ZOEY acts as a one-stop solution for all pet needs

" The Idea behind ZOEY"
Nilabh Nillotpal, since his childhood days, was an ardent pet lover. Once his father’s friend gifted him a dog and he named him Tiger. One summer, his mother sent Tiger back home, and the only reason was his negligence to take care of it. Years after when Nilabh shifted to Bangalore for higher education, he finally got two dogs - Pogo & Zoey. But one unfortunate night turned everything upside down. Zoey met with an accident and passed away. He could be saved if treated on time. That incident was an eye-opener for Nilabh which later on encouraged him to start a company in the pet care service space, named after his late pet ZOEY.

One Stop Shop for all Pet Needs
Driven by the core mantra to make pet care easy and fun, ZOEY acts as a one-stop solution for all pet needs. The company serves in two categories – Information &
Services. Right from ensuring all kinds of pet services and related information, it aims to create value from the time one thinks of buying a pet. Through 'Pet Pedia' it assists them to make better-informed decisions for their pooches. The services offered include Pet Grooming & Training, Vet-on-Call, ZOEY FoodBox, Get-a-Pet, Stores & Vets, and others. “Currently, we have beta version of services on trials which include Get-a-Pet(GAP), Vet at Home and ZOEY Foodbox. Soon we will be rolling out other products in the market,” avers Nilabh.

Kanishk Mahip, Director& COO

Focused on No-Loss than More-Profit model, ZOEY in the coming days wants to transform the platform into a hyper-local business model. Looking forward in building a team of enthusiasts pet lovers who can add value, the company soon plans to expand geographies and get a complete hold of its in-house technology.