Refurbish Your Working Space With Luxurious Yet Comfortable Office Chairs

Ashish Aggarwal, CEO, Indo InnovationsAn innovative personality, Ashish is creating opportunities for companies in the competitive ecosystem

Back and neck pain is increasingly becoming the most common issue amongst the office going population of the nation. This pain stems from repetitive stress injuries caused due to sitting on an ignoble chair for long hours. Average office employees spend a minimum of 8 hours every day sitting in a chair without taking into consideration any overtime or subsequent work from home scenarios. However inevitable sitting on office chairs is, it takes a toll on one’s body. Prolonged sitting can lead to impaired blood circulation, sore and weakened muscles, development of carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Spending these 8 long hours in a piece of furniture which is not comfortable, not only causes malaise to the employees it also stunts their productivity levels and thus, inhibiting the growth of the company. Therefore, we can agree that it is important to refurbish working spaces with luxurious yet comfortable office chairs which provide support and comfort to the employ and promote productivity.

A luxurious office chair maybe on the pricier side of the things but they come with a bag of features that promote long term health of the employee and the company. These chairs provide proper lumbar and pelvic support to the employee cutting off the strain on their backs and butts.
Moreover, these chairs have ample space for accommodating hips and thighs as well as plush cushioning. This soft cushioning provides comfort to person who is sitting on the office chair and doesn’t inhibit blood circulation. This is because comparatively smaller and sub-standard office chairs with bad cushioning tend to pinch the nerves and veins in the hips, thighs and buttocks causing numbness. Additionally, great cushioning on office chairs also prevents muscle soreness as it provides ease to the person’s back and rear.

To curb the continual (and common) problem of back, neck and shoulder pain in the employees, these luxurious chairs come with firm and contoured backs which are engineered to provide support to the lower, middle and upper back. Proper back support in office chairs eliminates slouching, help in maintaining correct posture and improves concentration.

A luxurious office chair maybe on the pricier side of the things but they come with a bag of features that promote long term health of the employee and the company

Additionally, luxury office chairs are heavy duty, which means that they have a long life and are made for extensive and continuous use as they do not come apart easily. These chairs come with superior ergonomic engineering which offer ease of movement to the person sitting in it making it easier for them to reach areas of their desk without straining themselves. As well as, their 5 tipped wheeled base promote collaboration allowing the person to turn and move easily without having to drag his chair along with him.

Today, ‘luxury’ office chairs are no more a luxury but a necessity. As the modern work force is spending an exceeding amount of time in a chair and in front of their workstations, it is eminent to refurbish the office place with chairs that provide support, comfort and agility to the employee and not inhibit his potential.