20 For 2020: 20 "Tech And Human" Oriented Trends For 2020

Dr. Ankita Singh, Vice President and Global Head-HR, CIGNEX Dr. Ankita is an experienced professional with an executive education focused in transformational leadership for 21st Century corporate youngsters

2020 will be more technology driven than forecasted. There has been a noticeable and significant shift in how things used to be thanks to the world of automation & digitalization. Having said that, organizations should also ensure that there is no disconnect between employees and organizations due to greater advancement in their HR transformation journey. HR is the custodian of culture and human connect, should operate with the right balance of technology and human touch.

Few HR Tech trends that will help HR now and forward:
1.Agile and flat organization: Spontaneity is the necessity and so is collaboration and synergy. Teams coming together in a truly integrated manner to manage unpredictable is the need of the hour. The system should empower task owners and give them the required authority.

2.eTraining:There is an unavoidable need to reskill resources in this fastchanging world and encourage them to adapt to thechanges. Gamification, On the Go modules,AR & VR program to train employees is gaining popularity because of the effective and engaging learning experience.

3.Continuous Feedback System along with Annual Performance appraisal:Thanks to feedback tools that are assignment centric, easy to use and mobile-friendly. Technology has enabled a system that renders realtime review assessment and feedback mechanisms which helps in designing initiatives to drive performance, coaching and development opportunities based on business needs.

4.Tailored recruitment system and blind hiring:Like employee engagement and experience, candidate engagement and experience is also emerging as a critical focus point. Chatbots have helped significantly by taking over a few processes like candidate screening. Interestingly blind hiring has undoubtedly removed biasedness from the hiring process to a great level.

5.Data driven:Data and analytics will over shadow instincts. Intuitions and predictions will be questioned because of the evidence based model and approach. Every decision will be taken based on validated data there will be very less scope of errors or biasedness.

6.Employee experience and well being: It’s all about people. Companies have to become more inclusive in their work environment. The use of technology will be impactful and helpful in, assessing and improving both these aspects.

7.Data security:Data security was and is of the utmost importance. HR must handle employee data carefully by standardizing the processes to keep the data safe and intact. Data driven cybersecurity has to be maintained by using reliable tools.

8.Simplify HR model and processes:Self-service mode will be highly useful which is aptly customizable and configurable. All administrative services like leave, time sheet and payroll will be automated using mobile applications.
9.Cloud-based HR:It’s time to be REAL time. A real time single platform that handles learning, career progression employee development, performance management

10. Virtual is real:There will be advanced tools to monitor and achieve productivity, to understand and know where employees are and how productive they can be. We are already in a zone where we can work with anybody from anywhere at any time.

With the help of technology, HR will be able to invest time in making human connections than working alone on spreadsheets and policies. HR must challenge the myth of getting replaced by effectively doing everything that no machine can do.

Very important for HR to develop a shared vision and collaborate with different functions and teams to achieve organizational goals

Human centric HR trends that are here to stay forever are:
1. Be human: When the focus is primarily on revenue and other growth oriented numbers, humans are not treated that well. Somewhere we compromise on our ethics and values, many times with our policies too. Doesn’t take much to be a human, just be a little empathetic, transparent and ethical.

“Employees engage with employers and brands when they’re treated as humans.”- Meghan Biro

2. Personal development over traditional organizational pyramid: Personal development opportunities will remain a major criterion for choosing and staying with an employer. The aspiration and career path for younger generations are substantially different from elder generations. Where baby boomers always believed in “Lifetime employment”, Gen Z believes in skills and expertise.

3.Blending is the key: Blended environment, culture, training, engagement plans to fit every body’s need. HR needs to find the right balance, they shouldn’t ignore elder generations but be more attentive towards millennial and GenZ as the future workplace trend will be characterized prominently by them.

4.More Personalized than generalized: HR will have to provide more human centered, personalized, tailored solutions to meet individual’s needs. One size fits all approach is no longer viable.

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.” - Sir Richard Branson

5.Every body is an engagement manager: Alone, HR can’t win the game! Only HR can’t take the responsibility of creating an engaged workplace. It’s a misconception that HR defines the culture and maintains it. It will be a win-win situation only when everybody plays a part in building the foundation.

6.Shared vision and purpose: Very important for HR to develop a shared vision and collaborate with different functions and teams to achieve organizational goals. Strategy should definitely be business centric but also people focused.

7.Employee Experience along with Employee Engagement: Replacing is not a solution but adding is, we need to focus on overall experience than just engagement. It has to me more holistic to attract, recruit and retain.

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.”- Julie Bevacqua

8.Know the business and your people:Primary contribution of HR is expected towards the right selection, induction, engagement, development and retention and HR can only contribute to the expected level by knowing not only internal business and people but also external market and competition.

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”-Doug Conant

9.Find the right balance: Over focus or even little bit of ignorance on any front can disturb the required equilibrium. Their strategies and initiatives should clearly reflect “customers, business and employees will be treated with same commitment and growth oriented intentions”.

10.Change to see the change: Hibernate, migrate and adapt! Adapting successfully to change in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment is the most apt way HR can handle most of the challenges and be present and future ready

Being relevant is the only way to win talent war.The ultimate solution lies in retaining the ‘human’ aspect of HR and adapting to the new and fast changing world of automation and digitization.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving - Albert Einstein