Social Media Changing Trends of the Indian Entertainment & Events Industry

Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome EntertainmentBrought up in the most renowned film industry family-The Nadiadwala, Mazhar is recognized as the youngest producer who introduced new faces

The events industry is emerging, and so are the preferences of the audience. The effect of growth in the digital media industry has been tremendous in the past few decades which have changed the preferences of the audience. Studies continue to predict a double digit growth in the upcoming years.

One of the major factors contributing to this immense growth is the sustained growth in India's GDP and increased purchasing power of the people over the last several years which had led to the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry being ruled by consumer choices of content accessibility and user experience being paramount. In India, however, unlike its global counterparts, traditional media has not been disrupted, but majority age groups like youths and working professionals keep themselves updated with the digital media as well as social media.

With every passing day, the number of apps are increasing at an incredible rate and has been the key
for most of the business. The quality and service that apps are giving have improved over years. The event industry is no exception to it. The event ticketing apps are making things easier, quicker and more interactive to the event industry. The increase in the engagement of interactive mobile event apps has been emerging as one of the biggest event trends.

The social media has been the most active and used medium over the last few years. The social media is affecting the lives of people, so much that people check these platforms from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep back at night.

In the Indian context, organizations here have been hiring people on contract for long; however, we still aren’t confident about engaging freelancers for the role

YouTube and other streaming sites have changed the face of the online media industry. The live streaming of the events was previously criticized due to the risk of ticket sales. But the scenario has changed due to drastic improvement it has made in reaching people. Online conversations and general awareness made through social media are only helping businesses to become more successful. Snapchat which was previously used only to view pictures for few seconds is now being used as a marketing strategy for many businesses including event industry. Event organizers and companies opt for social media for showcasing and releasing teasers of the events a few months in advance. Whereas, this is not possible in case of traditional media as videos can’t be showcased through these platforms and ultimately people can get the look and feel of the event.

On Facebook we can see live videos as well as the teasers; and on Instagram we can get live feed through Instagram stories. All of this has led to a considerable hike in the expectation of the audiences in the country.