Trends in Hospitality Automation: A Smart Solution for Comfortable Stays

In an age where we have become dependent on technology for almost everything, we have begun to perform our day-to-day activities by prioritizing technological solutions over human intervention. We live in a world where technology has become an integral part of all professional and personal activities. People integrate smart technology and various automation systems into their daily lives and now desire this comfort wherever they go, especially in restaurants, hotels, shopping places, etc. In the hospitality industry, where people’s expectations are soaring and the competition is fierce, technology is expected to provide a way to surmount these challenges.

Hotels are therefore adopting automation to enhance their guest experience and improve services to keep up with the competition. Automation in the hospitality industry has been recognized as a symbol of luxury and wealth. Technology will soon become a necessity, because it is easy to use and offers hotel staff great comfort and operational benefits.


Ambience comes first in the hospitality industry, and to create the perfect and dynamic atmosphere, hotels incorporate lighting automation systems within spaces. The control of lights and shades make each space comfortable and luxurious for the guests. This dynamic lighting shifts according to the time of day and mood, making any hospitality space state-of-the-art. Furthermore, lighting automation enables hotel operators to monitor and control the settings of any space, such as the guest rooms, restaurants, bars, atriums, and other areas. This system offers a harmonious and luxurious hospitality experience with dynamic controls and aesthetic lightings. Automation makes it simple for the guests in the guest rooms to control the lighting and personalize the space according to their needs. The motion sensors in lighting automation detect public movement and ensure that spaces are lit or unlit when required. This is especially useful in corridors or less-used spaces where there is infrequent public activity. This, in turn, contributes to saving energy and less environmental impact, along with providing the guests and staff with the desired aesthetics and comfort.

Temperature comfort

Automation provides solutions for temperature control in order to create a comfortable environment. Hotels are incorporating this system to maintain a satisfactory thermal environment within spaces to create a pleasant guest experience. In the guest rooms, the temperature is controlled by a thermostat which guests can efficiently operate to adjust the temperature accordingly. At the same time the automation system changes the Thermostat setting in case of vacancy to a energy saving mode, thus reducing the operational costs to a great extent This smart system includes an integrated room-temperature sensor and humidity sensor, which is compatible with a wide range of HVAC systems. It also includes automatic or manual fan speed control and manual heating/cooling swap.

Controlling hotel environment

The hospitality industry strives to render seamless and luxurious guest experiences. The guests and staff can enjoy the services automation can provide, such as controlling the shades, draperies, curtains, louvres, as well as speaker systems, etc. The smart system proves beneficial where these systems must be controlled for large areas. More over the control of these services in the guest room can be done from a user friendly interface or even their own smart phones in many cases.

Security systems

The luxury of a hotel is synonymous not only with comfort but also with safety. Hotel security is one element that must, above all, be guaranteed. The automation system allows hotel staff to monitor the installation of all cameras in real-time. This ensures the safety of guests, staff and hotel property.

Automation as a contactless solution for post-covid time

After the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the need for contactless solutions in the hospitality industry has emerged. Though the industry has already begun to splurge, the covid virus pandemic has accelerated the application and potentials of automation for contactless experiences. In hotels, automation experience could be better enabled through personal devices like mobile phones for room access, lighting and thermal control. The contactless accessories, voice control commands, and motion sensor lights in public areas help to eliminate any need for physical interaction with the environment.

Automation is quickly becoming an integral part of the hospitality industry to provide efficient quality service as well as the defining concept in luxury. This technology plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless guest service, from room reservations and reception operations to room services and billing. The opportunities for the hotel industry to redefine its services and luxury are growing as new technologies emerge. Better Ambience and higher guest comfort were the prime movers when it came to using automation in Hospitality. Now we can add safety also as automation guarantees a safe and hygienic experience, especially in the current times and post-covid times, where contactless solutions would become a must for ensuring the safety of self, families, and others through technological growth.


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