Upcoming Trends in Employee Gifting Space

Suvodeep Das, VP Marketing, SodexoFrom desk clocks, pen stands and diaries to personalised, digital and more useful gifts, the world of employee gifting is changing. It is time that new and innovative offerings are introduced in the market which are suitable to the growing millennial workforce. Many millennials base their choice of company on the perks they will receive. For example, at Marriott Hotels India, the employees who are appreciated by the guests, are given a ‘daily packet’ with their picture and a small note, which is displayed through out the hotel. Here are some trends in the new - age gifting solutions we see today.

Gift of choice
Millennials are hardly ever happy with the gifts they receive from their company. It is a sign of appreciation and recognition for the employee’s efforts. It is time to empower employees and bestow them with the freedom to choose. Gift Cards that offer freedom of choice and can be used on various platforms (retail, online or through an app) are an emerging solution. Companies like Sodexo are the forerunners in developing such solutions for corporate in India.

Personalized Gifts
Receiving a gift as appreciation for your work is always a good feeling. But, receiving a gift with your name engraved/printed on it is even better. Personalized gifts are the next emerging trend in the employee gifting space. Getting a personalised gift is not just a token of appreciation but also shows that the company cares about you and values your presence and contribution.

Getting a personalised gift is not just a token of appreciation but also shows that the company cares about you and values your presence and contribution

Hassle free solutions for companies
Now looking at this from the company’s perspective, the need for hassle-free solutions is rising. The process of ordering, transportation, storage, and distribution takes a lot of time and effort. Introduction of digital gifting solutions removes such hassles and enables the companies to reward their employees in a much faster and economical way. It is easier for HR teams to plan and administer such gifting solutions.

Some of the challenges that companies face while introducing new gifting solutions for their employees are sometimes there is a perception that implementing any new solution is cumbersome and hence the HR team sticks to traditional gifting practices. In case of SMEs, moving away from cash and traditional gifting is a big challenge because of lack of awareness of new-age digital gifting solutions.

Companies like Sodexo are offering solutions to tackle these challenges. Sodexo has introduced the digital gift card- Premium Pass, which is a hassle-free gifting solution they provide to their clients. HR managers of the company can give these personalised gift cards to their employees for a one-time gifting option (festivals, wedding etc.) as well as continuous rewards (employee of the month, good performance etc.) This gift card is accepted across 2 million outlets on the RuPay network giving employees the freedom to choose what they desire.