Why Must Brands Rely More on Digital Marketing?

Mumbai based Koffeetech Communications is a digital marketing agency and an enabler for brands to achieve their marketing. Spearheading the operations at Koffeetech Communication is Jay who doubles as a chief strategist, mentor, business development lead for the brand. An avid digital marketer, he is the brains behind a plethora of successful result driven digital campaigns.

As the internet has become the part and parcel of our daily lives, digital marketing has proven to be an integral part of any brand’s growth journey. Have you ever calculated the time you have spent online? Not just on social media, but also browsing for a place to eat, booking tickets for vacation to buying things, you always use online tools to ease your process.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and the businesses in ways that we have never comprehended. With this change, people are relying on the virtual space more than ever hence it has become imperative for the business to shift and extend its presence online too. Creating a strong digital presence and keeping the customers well informed is the only way now for the brands to capture a customer's attention. If your strategies are not creating enough buzz in the market then you are working in vain. This is how crucial digital marketing has become.

Here is a list of benefits that Digital Marketing has to offer:

1. Digital Marketing Is Cost Effective
One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is definitely its affordability and effectivity. A well-planned digital marketing campaign can reach your potential customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing. To the businesses operating on a low budget and limited workforce, digital marketing can help you generate better leads.

Businesses can market their product/service through emails, content marketing and social media at only a fraction of price as compared to the costs of print media. Not only small businesses, but any sized business can adopt the digital marketing tactics as it is is an efficient yet pocket friendly approach.

2. Better Conversion Rates
The ultimate goal of any business or a marketer is to get conversions. Leads, no. of sales, subscribers, etc. are the real result that any business counts on in terms of conversions.

Through digital marketing you can reach your audience at any time, for e.g. instead of bothering your target audience through multiple phone calls you can reach out to them just through an email about your deliverables and services provided. From such interactions, potential leads are generated which in turn results in better conversion rates.

3. Gives your Brand a Global Reach
The term ‘global reach’ has only been possible through digitization. Digital marketing allows your campaign to be reflected in any part of the world. Under traditional marketing, the scope and size of your target media gets limited to a certain area or markets.

Digital platforms give endless opportunities for a brand and if your product offerings or services are beneficial for a wider demographic, you should opt digital marketing to reach this audience online on a wider scale. The internet is filled with stories of small businesses turning successful over a short period of time, all thanks to digital marketing.

4. Easy Tracking and Measuring Results
It is vital for any marketer to be able to track the success of their campaigns. With modern digital marketing tools, you have the power to evaluate the results of the campaign and can immediately also know what it is performing.

Web analytics and other online metric tools provide you with better understanding of the effectiveness of your campaign. For e.g. you can analyze a detailed number of visitors on your website, engagement span, their geographic location, interest of visitors and so on.

5. Builds Brand Reputation
A well-maintained website, quality content blogs or articles and interactive social media channels are few ways by which a business can build its brand. Being in touch with your customers on a regular basis, immediately resolving their queries, paying attention to their problems gives you an opportunity to build your reputation. Caring for your customers is the key for building a strong brand reputation.

Long term brand reputation is built customer responsiveness and customer care in addition to a quality product.

6. Target audience interaction
The key to stay relevant and keeping the customers glued to your brand in a highly competitive market reflects continuous engagement with your audience. A positive review left by a satisfied customer will rope in new customers leading to a ripple effect. Collecting feedback, conducting surveys and testimonials will bring a sense of security for your customers. The aim is for a customer retention leading to a loyal customer base.

7. Reach mobile customers
The number of mobile users has multiplied fourfold. It is safe to say mobile has become a necessity over luxury in today's time. Around 61 % of users discover a new product while surfing online. Thus, creating content and websites with a mobile friendly interface so that the audience can discover your campaign, ads, videos leading them to engage with the brand on a regular basis.

Wrapping up!
Digital marketing will be the most powerful tool of marketing today and is only going to increase with time. As change is an integral part of the industry, staying up to date and matching up with the latest trends is the key factor to consider and apply. Overall, strong digital marketing tactics will ensure a strong ROI for your business.