Never Out Of Vogue

Vikash Pacheriwal, Co-Founder, RaisinAn avid entrepreneur who comes with over 25 years of expertise and demonstrated history of working in fashion landscape

Fashion in more than one way is in-spired by nature. Just like how the day turns to night every few hours and seasons change every few months, fashion changes every now and then. Ever since their invention, people have used their clothes as a medium of expressing something about themselves. This is more pronounced today, when it has become so important to `show' the world what you really stand for. So, how can your fashion sense be obsolete? We've listed down a few fashion trends that are making the waves right now.

1. Fast Moving Fashion at Affordable Prices: With what lasted a few seasons until some time ago, fashion today doesn't last more than a few months today. People are vying for the latest trends, but want to keep budgets in mind while doing so. They are on the lookout for affordable fashion that will last them the fashion trend cycle and then dump them later when it's no longer in style.

2. Blend of Comfort & Fashion: While the consumer of today is more fashion savvy than ever before, they want to opt for fashion that'll offer them comfort as well as style.

3. GymLooks: With the current youth's inclination towards health and fitness, there's an increasing demand for health oriented fashion. This has led to an increase in the demand for athleisure and activewear, specifically in the young urban audience. These people are also keenly following their favorite celebs on social media who are often seen around gyms in their trendiest sportswear. Kareena Kapoor Khan has led the charge of making her
gym looks a part of the watercooler discussions in office. Malaika Arora too is often seen working out with her besties in the trendiest of gym clothes, influencing many to adopt her style. Apart from fitness apparel, fitness gadgets have also caught the fancy of today's young generation.

4. Go Green: This trend reflects how the fashion world is responding to global trends that are around using environment friendly materials and leaving behind minimum damage to the planet. Upcycled fashion is gradually becoming the thing in the fashion world with many retailers incentivizing its customers to give up their old clothes.

Be it ethnic wear or western wear, airy and breezy fabrics not only help the person wearing it with more mobility, but also looks stylish when cut in trendy designs

5. Colors of the Year: People are increasingly looking forward to emulating the colors of the year set by the high fashion gurus. With pastels trending in 2018, people were seen wearing this color to stay in trend.

6. Fabrics: Working in conjunction with people opting for comfort-able fashion, airy fabrics are the latest trend. Be it ethnic wear or western wear, airy and breezy fabrics not only help the person wearing it with more mobility, but also looks stylish when cut in trendy designs.

7. Travel: The world is getting closer as people choosing to travel more, either for business or leisure. With travel plans high on people's minds, the need for comfortable clothes made of airy materials is the need of the hour. From broad leg trousers to plain and soft t-shirts, travel calls for smart and chic leisure wear.

8. Personalization: Be it your favorite cup of coffee served in a mug with your name on it to a passport cover that has become as important as your passport when travelling, personalized fashion is a trend that seems to have caught on. Bespoke bridal lehengas with the couple's story embellished on it is what brides want today to set them apart.

9. Fashionable Celebrity Weddings: While Anushka chose to be a coy pastel bride, Deepika chose fiery red and Priyanka vowed everyone with her long white trail. What celebrities wear at their weddings has become a matter of great discussion among people with people looking up to them for inspiration. Social media has brought celebrity weddings on everyone's smartphones giving them a glimpse of what every-one wore ­ from the couple getting married to their guests.

10. Affordable Festive Wear: Everything one wears is put-up on Instagram for the world to view. This is especially true on special days like festivals or parties where one wants to don elegant and stylish ethnic wear. And do it in budget, while at that!