Why Battery Cycles Are Need Of The Hour?

Founded in 2016, LighSpeed is an Ahmedabad based designer and manufacturer of electric bicycles.

Covid still being around us for more than a year, on a wider perspective, is not the only threat to humanity. Global Warming, deforestation & severe air quality are some of the issues that we have been dealing with, which have already endangered many other species, and are slowly leading to endanger humanity. As Covid taught us to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle, these other environmental pandemics teach us to take a step towards ecosystem.

How battery cycles are the need of the hour could be understood by the fact that not only these keep us fit, but also help us cover distances of 20-25 kilometers easily. In a country like India, which ranks almost last on global air quality index, the introduction of battery cycles could be phrased as a blessing in disguise. According to a report in 2019, long term exposure to household & outdoor air pollution contributed to more than 1.6 million deaths every year, in the form of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, lung cancer, and many more chronic diseases.

On a global scale, in 2019, air pollution contributed to 6.6 million deaths, which is 12% of total global deaths, and 4th risk factor responsible for early death worldwide. These figures give us a clear picture to understand how important it is for us to take an immediate step towards the ecosystem. And with the Covid outbreak, the demand of the electric bicycles started boosting up as the pandemic gave us a push towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Global electric cycle market is anticipated to reach a CAGR of 4.7% between the year 2017 & 2022, as per a report from Persistence Market Research. And in order to reach this projected goal, the government needs to take appropriate policy measures & provide subsidy on the purchase of electric bicycles, as the government in Europe did to increase usage of electric bikes. Over 90% growth in e-bike sales was registered in recent years, as a result of encouraging citizens to buy electric bikes.

Unlike before, the electric cycles are now available in different price ranges with various features for comfort for the buyer, as India is an economically diverse country, where affordability of a product is a matter of concern. Ranging from around 30,000 to more than 1 lakh, various domestic & international manufacturers are offering electric cycles in all price segments, making electric cycles affordable for everyone.

With technological advancements, electric cycles are now providing luxury with folding features which could be integrated with any smartphone, much improved battery life, and much more, which are a perfect fit for the needs of the upper class in Indian society, as most of the vehicles are owned by the same class. For the lower middle class segment, the electric cycles are an ideal replacement to motorcycles, as they are cheaper than a motorcycle, and more affordable in comparison to the fuel cost required to operate motorcycles.

The electric cycles are now causing a double impact on our economy, as these cycles help limit our dependency on imported fossil fuel and decrease the consumption of the same. The electric bicycles are manufactured in India with a high level of localisation of components, which helps us reduce our dependencies on imported components and also gives employment to more people, which is ideologically compatible with PM Modi’s Atamanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.