The Wave of eCommerce Inclusion

India is the second largest global venture capital investment hub for digital shopping companies, growing by a whopping 175 per cent from USD 8 billion in 2020 to USD 22 billion in 2021.

In the past, business sector has evidently adopted the changes in operations to stay ahead in the cutthroat competitive world. E-commerce technology trends have a significant impact on online shopping. Therefore, it’s no news that it will continue to have the influence of new technology, new consumer demands, and the constant shift from desktop to mobile devices.

Not long before the techade took off and digital technology touched almost every life, online shopping was mainly associated with the techsavvy, smartphon e-friendly urbanites. Thanks to the rapid adoption of the internet in recent years, e-shopping is no longer accessed by a privileged few from Tier 1 cities. The new category of online shoppers, accounting for 66% of all ecommerce sales, comes from every nook and cranny as Tier 2 cities, small towns and rural India are reaping the benefits of the internet and creating a level playing field. With digital commerce growing in leaps and bounds, ecommerce marketplaces are ready to tap into its potential.

Nevertheless, the ecommerce sector in India is currently at a late growth stage with catalytic presence of multiple players and the emergence of new business models such as direct-to-consumer or D2C, the Thrasio model of consolidation and growth and the rapid rise of social & Q commerce. Let's not forget, the country is home to more than 5K active ecommerce startups, which are pushing the limits of digital commerce across the consumer retail segment and driving growth.

In this edition, we at siliconindia Startup City bring forth the startups that have created a stir with their unique offerings with the unique way of the presenting the offerings. Do let us know what you think.