Spotlight on India Inc. of 2022

Peace time is a stranger for Indian companies, as they inevitably face periodic challenges. Most often, it is the decline in demand, and the consequent supply side disruptions. The recent pandemic ensured that they faced both simultaneously. India Inc has managed to tackle this double whammy well. Though, while recovery was at its peak, the crisis in Europe turned the tables around once again. Point to note is that, India had emerged stronger after the second Covid wave by cutting costs and embracing digital technologies to make operations efficient. The digital technology providers too have demonstrated extraordinary support to their peers in the industry. With a zeal to grow together for a collective success, few select Indian firms have earned our respect and our readers.

India has moved rapidly to becoming the third largest ecosystem and is within striking distance, and certainly demonstrates the potential of achieving the mantle of being the largest. India today is home to 94 unicorns with a total valuation of $274 billion and more than 50 startups have traits of achieving unicorn status in 2022. India’s ranking on the Global Innovation Index has also improved from 81st place to 46th place, amongst other competitive nations. From promoting hybrid working models to cracking digital tools to deliver what was only possible physically earlier, we have seen remarkable innovations in spheres as diverse as healthcare, education, supply chain, consumer needs, financial services, be it for profit or to meet societal objectives.

This edition draws the spotlight on these innovators and unique service providers of the industry who have role played the enabler of growth to deliver the best in their respective forte. Three months into the year, and the prospects look positive. Hopefully, these companies in spotlight will have something transformational for each one of you, our readers.
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