• Social Circuits: Much Hyped Digital Marketing Platform To Gain Business Excellence
  • Social Circuits: Much Hyped Digital Marketing Platform To Gain Business Excellence

    Digital marketing has gone beyond the brand building. The need of the hour is to generate tangible returns using digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing services providers are aware of this new reality and are overhauling their services to cater to the client's demand; however, there is a need to change how these services are delivered to the client. This is where Rajkot-based Social Circuits has been successful. Social Circuit is not just a digital marketing company. "Social Circuit is a firm focused on three elements - branding, marketing, and advertising. These are the three core pillars in which we provide services like social media, digital, SEO, e-Commerce, logo design, outdoor hoarding designs, and creative advertisements”, says Sanket Anadani, Think Tank and...


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