Social Circuits: Much Hyped Digital Marketing Platform To Gain Business Excellence

Sanket Anadani ,  OwnerDigital marketing has gone beyond the brand building. The need of the hour is to generate tangible returns using digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing services providers are aware of this new reality and are overhauling their services to cater to the client's demand; however, there is a need to change how these services are delivered to the client. This is where Rajkot-based Social Circuits has been successful.

Social Circuit is not just a digital marketing company. "Social Circuit is a firm focused on three elements - branding, marketing, and advertising. These are the three core pillars in which we provide services like social media, digital, SEO, e-Commerce, logo design, outdoor hoarding designs, and creative advertisements”, says Sanket Anadani, Think Tank and Director of Social Circuits. Each service enhances the client's customer experience and helps them gain business.

Digital marketing and graphic design are two specialized services offered by Social Circuits, with a core competency in digital marketing. The team, like Sanket, is deft at digital marketing, graphics design, and content creation, specializing in Social Media, Google Ads, SEO, PPC, and e-Commerce.

In 2017, Anadani started Social Circuits as a solo entrepreneur. He leveraged his previous experience as a digital marketing professional for Ahmedabad-based tech start-ups to establish
Social Circuits in Rajkot, focusing on providing customized, non-package-based digital marketing services to clients from the Saurashtra region. Sanket got a new team of people within six months of the inception of Social Circuits. The team worked in tandem for three years when Anadani realized the need to include new team members and expand services. Today, a team of 10 serves organizations from industries like FMCG, real estate, e-Commerce, and pharma companies.

The company has kept abreast of new trends and has ventured into 3D modeling, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing. When a business approaches Social Circuits for digital marketing services, the team spends time understanding the client's needs, the customer segment they want to serve, and their desired returns, whether in terms of sales, content, or creativity. After that, online market research of the competitors helps to chart out the best possible strategy to achieve client goals. The focus is on the platform in use, the marketing calendar, and the marketing and advertising budget of the competitors to advise on the way forward.

We have the rapport to generate quality leads. Our conversion ratio is more than 45 percent when it comes to lead generation

Here on, Social Circuits will provide digital marketing and strategies and track performance if employed. The services include content, execution, delivery, and analytics; the performance is tracked daily. The team continuously enhances the client's asset value based on the information. Lead generation becomes an essential tool here. “In Saurashtra, we have the rapport to generate quality leads. Our conversion ratio is more than 45 percent when it comes to lead generation”, says Sanket Anadani.

Social Circuits has witnessed strong business growth, especially in 2022, when they could find new clients from different industries with diverse projects. These involved design, printing, advertising, and social media. Sanket wishes to continue the growth trajectory and garner more than 100 clients for social media services by 2025. This is in addition to the clients from other services. Solving social media challenges for different industries will be a key focus area for the company. And this would require the expansion of the team as well. Sanket hopes to find good talent in the coming years to help them achieve their aspirations while solving the client challenges in digital marketing.