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  • 10 Best Social Media Marketing Startups - 2023

    Growing Importance of Strategy & Crisis Management Social media marketing is a fast paced constantly changing landscape. With the continued growth of popularity of social media, this marketing trend will enhance further. The importance of social media in consumer’s lives makes social media easiest platform for marketers and businesses flock to connect with the customers. Not having a clear social media strategy makes it challenging for the companies to standout and ensure the reach of their products. Surveys show that crisis management will be essential for every company involved in social media marketing for next two years. Social media platforms have become a vehicle for spreading information (both major and minor) quickly. When left unaddressed, this can be a...

10 Best Social Media Marketing Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Albatrot Albatrot Shyam Gursahani , Founder & Strategy Head Helps brand meet the desired brand objective in the most efficient way possible
Bannstudio Bannstudio Praveen Prajapati , Founder & CEO Driven by experience, data, and creativity, the firm creates a brand-focused, digital aura that gets etched in the minds of consumers
First Launch First Launch Vedh Jagadish , Co-Founder & CEO A full service Digital Marketing Agency helps startups validate the market and businesses thrive on the digital front through the harmony of digital marketing, technology and design
Pink Power Pink Power Nishtha Maheshwari , CEO Leading voice in the automated business growth space for e-Commerce with in-depth knowledge and expertise in using e-Commerce tech, performance marketing, social selling & website development
ROI Minds ROI Minds Sandeep Kumar , Founder & CEO Work with growing e-Commerce stores and lead generation accounts to enable more growth and profitability
Social Beat Social Beat Vikas Chawla , Co-Founder A digital growth partner for leading brands and hyper scaling startups in India with a 300+ strong team of digital experts across Bengaluru, Mumbai, NCR and Chennai
Social Circuits Social Circuits Sanket Anadani , Owner Provides a range of digital marketing services to reach the right customers and tell the right story
Social Cubicle Social Cubicle Prabhjot Singh , Project Manager A renowned Social Media Marketing Agency that takes pride in helping businesses grow through customized marketing strategies
Social Donut Social Donut Abhinav Rege , Founder & Managing Partner An Independent agency specializes in Design, Development and Marketing and creates growth through insight, strategy, innovation, branding, and design
Social Eagle Social Eagle Dharaneetharan G.D, Founder Transform brands by generating more revenue and driving market growth with the help of digital channels