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    Revitalizing the Health Care with Reviving AYUSH Trends I n the ever-changing landscape of health care services, the AYUSH industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, especially after pandemic. ‘Ayush’ is a term derived from ‘Ayurveda’ which means ‘Knowledge of Life’. AYUSH is the acronym of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy. It is an ancient medicinal practice emerged 5000 years ago, that gives holistic health care solutions. Today, the increased interests of people in adapting traditional healing and holistic remedies have dramatically transformed the AYUSH industry to stay as key game changer in medicine and wellness sector. "Embrace the holistic healing to feed your body and soul & unleash the secrets...

10 Best Ayush Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BM Herbals BM Herbals Mohnish Patankar, Founder To enable comprehensive wellness, the company offers authentic ayurvedic products made up of proven ancient ingredients. They provide herbal products in the form of oils, capsules and syrups, which mainly focus on preventing and curing various lifestyle ailments
Brahmionline Retail Brahmionline Retail Madhuresha Dimba, Managing Director Reviving the ancient glory of Ayurvedic science & Indian culture, the company delivers high quality AYUSH products at door step. They offer array of herbal products from top brands, which are picked after curating & sorting carefully. Also they provide e-consultation with a panel of experienced doctors & health care experts
Garry N Sun Organics Garry N Sun Organics Kiran Grewal, CEO Empowering the growth of ayurveda, the company provides superior quality ayurvedic products to promote overall well-being & vitality. They offer collection of single herbs, capsules, herbal blends, organic candies and juices which are made with natural & whole some ingredients
Lifechart Ayurveda Lifechart Ayurveda Mukul Shah, Founder CEO Ensuring reliable approach to alternate wellness, the company provides tested & certified ayurvedic remedies and medicines for various ailments. They offer ayurvedic products focused on gut health. Additionally, they also provide doctor consultation via phone calls & chats
Naturestask Naturestask Soumya Singla, Co-Founder Treating illness through ayurveda, the company provides AYUSH approved ayurvedic and herbal products in the form of oils, syrups and capsules. They provide products for diabetes, kidney stones, urinary infections, joint pain and so on, to promote the overall well-being of humans
QCS Herbals QCS Herbals Pradip Burman, Chairman Dedicated to improve health through standardized herbs, the company aims to conserve endangered medicinal plants and effectiveness of herbs. They offer quality raw herbs, powders, tea bags, plant protein and essential oils for herbal industries in India & abroad
Rudraksh Herbals Rudraksh Herbals Shambhu Singh, CEO Helping people to achieve salubrity & longevity, the company supplies top-notch Ayurvedic herbal products world wide at competitive prices. They provide plant-driven and fully vegan herbal products in various range including herbal medicines, hair care and skin care cosmetics
Srisailam Herbal Products Srisailam Herbal Products Donepudi PapaRao, Founder Combining ancient ayurveda with advanced modern science, the company offers pure natural solutions to everyday health problems. They provide qualitative services for pain management, improve digestion, hair care and respiratory wellness through the essence of nature and toxin-free products
Sushain Wellness And Wholeness Sushain Wellness And Wholeness Vikram Singh Parmar, Founder Guiding people towards wellness, the company incorporating with alternative medicinal systems like Homeopathy and Unani. They offer ayurvedic medicines and doctor consultation for patients across the nation with the support of specialized ayurvedic experts
Wonderveda Wonderveda Manjulika Sharma, Chief Executive Officer To provide holistic wellness and vibrant living, the company leveraging the power of Ayurveda. They offer herbal solutions for various diseases such as PCOD, vitiligo, piles and psoriasis. Also they offer herbal supplements & skin care essentials to regulate digestion, boost immunity and to improve skin health