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  • 10 Best Bamboo - Based Product Startups - 2023

    Meet the sustainable & eco-friendly alternatives - Bamboo-based Products According to the report of Press Information Bureau(PIB) of India-2023, India alone generated 4,126,997 tonnes of unmanaged plastic waste per annum. Right from the plates and bottles we eat and drink to the miniature toys we gift our children, plastic has been indispensible part of our lives. However plastics are hazardous to our health and environment, unfortunately the usage is constantly increasing in multiple times. Recognizing this as a serious concern and make the world better, Startups are coming up to envision the sustainability to reduce the carbon footprints on Mother Nature. Though many startups have been already rolling in industry by offering green & clean alternatives, Bamboo-based...

10 Best Bamboo - Based Product Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Paivi Enterprise Paivi Enterprise Ruchi Jain, Founder & CEO Envisioning sustainability, the company manufactures eco-friendly hotel amenities. They are specialized in offering a range of Bamboo-based eco-friendly & sustainable solutions such as edible drinking straws, sustainable hotel toiletries and guest room amenities
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bomboostan Bomboostan Sidhharth Munot & Divya Munot, Co-Founders Harnessing the true potential of Bamboo, the company builds India's first technology enabled bamboo ecosystem through their products. They offer products such as Bamboo pens, notebooks, water bottles, solid panels, beams, veneer sheets, round rods and so on
Dharini Dharini Deepika Vijh, Founder & Director Discovering and showcasing nature’s bounties, the company provides wide range of bamboo-based fibre products that beautify both home & surroundings. They offer products like Gift Basket, Star Basket, Nesting Bread & Utility Basket and so on
Fabartisty Fabartisty Puja Hanjura, Co-Founder Contributed to reduce the carbon footprint with the cultural work of rural artisans, the firm provides range of naturally-made & eco-friendly homeware. They offer range of hand-crafted products like tableware, drinkware, cutlery, cookware, table linens which are made from naturally-sourced fibre
Furn Bambu Furn Bambu Indrani Mukherjee, Founder & CEO Navigating a path for healthy living, the company provides eco-friendly, beautiful & innovative durable products made from bamboo. They offer bamboo-based products such as skewer, straw, square basket, rolling board, belan, spoon, spatula & turner set and so on
Global Trade Connextions Global Trade Connextions Ramesh A, Business Head Creating sustainable impact in society, the company provides stylish & biodegradable dinnerware. They offer Handy, Light Weight, Leak Proof and Strong eco-friendly plates which are perfect alternatives to plastics and polymer based products
Khateeb Trading Khateeb Trading Fahad Khateeb, CEO To make the world a better place, the firm provides best quality sustainable bamboo-based products. They offer top-notch products which are made of bamboo such as chear buds, straws, razors and toothbrushes and so on
Mandala Organics Mandala Organics Mythili Shetty, Director Believing that sustainable life should be accessible to everyone, the company provides range of natural skin care products. They offer Natural Hair Care, Natural Skin Care, Natural Oral Care products made from natural ingredients & fibre
VanSona Agrotech VanSona Agrotech Tanya Dosaj, Founder Aiming to promote the development of bamboo farming & nature conservation, the company manufactures sustainable bamboo based products. They offer products including furniture, toothpicks, skewers, baskets, mats, house decorations and so on
Woodwose Woodwose Akshath Bhatia, Co-Founder Aspiring to make sustainable clothing, the company manufactures organic clothing made from bamboo fibers which are functional, affordable & sustainable in nature. They offer high quality Bamboo T-Shirts and Tank tops for both men & women