• RAS Luxury Oils: A HomeGrown, Organic, Luxury Skincare Brand
  • 10 Best Beauty Brand Startups ­- 2023

    Taking Care of Beauty is a Regular Affair As no one want to look old and unattractive, taking care of one's beauty become a regular affair. However, we need to be more alert and informed about the products and ingredients that we include in our skin care resume. Because this is something where one-size does not fits all and every skin need to be pampered in completely different manners along with precision or customized products. Though Cosmetics and make-ups have been around women for many centuries, today it plays an equally important role for both men and women, as men have become more beauty conscious and are concerned about their looks to build up self-esteem and confidence. Witnessing this changing landscape of consumer demands, the importance of cosmetics become...

10 Best Beauty Brand Startups ­- 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
RAS Luxury Oils RAS Luxury Oils Shubhika Jain, Founder Uses the best organic ingredients hand picked from its sustainable farms and partner farms, while ensuring that the potencial of each botanical is kept intact
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Coloressence Coloressence Saurabh Nanda, Founder One of the fastest-growing 'Made-in-India' brands of color cosmetics focuses on manufacturing and marketing premium quality cosmetics at affordable prices
Fsas Health & Beauty Fsas Health & Beauty Monis Siddiqui , Founder & CEO A beauty and wellness brand that is profoundly changing the mainstream beauty and skincare notions by bringing in wholesome natural products
Magical Jar Magical Jar Surabi Diwakar, Founder & CEO Committed to create 100 percent chemical free, natural products at an affordable price
Myglamm Myglamm Priyanka Gill , Founder A direct-to-consumer beauty brand embraces the philosophy of building a community with its users, engaging with them and co-creating products with them
No Rubbish No Rubbish Chirag Panchani & Meghnad Pathak, Co-Founders A personal care business where health and the health of the environment go hand in hand
Qurez Qurez Prerna Karidhal, Founder Serve its customers with clean, vegan, and non-toxic products that take care of their skin and hair and help them embrace their true beauty
Rey's Sparkle Rey's Sparkle Sunita Chabra, Founder & CEO Created with the straightforward concept of fusing traditional Ayurveda knowledge with current skincare ingredients based on scientific study
Vanaura Organics Vanaura Organics Dr. Nayana Sivaraj, Founder & MD Every product of the firm is an assurance of quality & purity, and made out of the finest ingredients in an ecologically sustainable manner
Zita Ayurveda Zita Ayurveda Dr. Rashmi Ved, Managing Director Stands out in the industry by offering beauty products that are 100 percent ayurvedic and chemical-free