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  • 10 Best Computer Vision Startups - 2022

    I n parallel with the tremendous development of visual data and with more than three-billion images shared online every day, the computing power consumption required to analyze data is now accessible to every business. With the field of computer vision growing in the new hardware and algorithms taking accurate rates for object identification, within ten years of today’s systems, 99 percent of humans are able to quickly react to visual inputs. Computer vision is the field of computers focusing on replicating the complex human vision system and henceforth helping computers to identify the objects in images and videos, thus processing the objects in the end. It is the equal way humans are doing. Up until recent times, computer vision is working in a limited capacity. Because of the...

10 Best Computer Vision Startups - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Futops Technologies Futops Technologies Abhinav,Founder Renowned for offering excellent services in Computer Vision, AI, ML, and IOT
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
IntelloLabs IntelloLabs Milan Sharma, Founder Recognized for offering excellent solutions for Track, FruitSort, Sort, Pack, Grade and Shelf Eye
Netradyne Netradyne Avneesh Agrawal, CEO & Founder Helping in creation of excellent Computer Vision and Deep Learning Technologies for topnotch real world solutions
Playment Playment Siddharth Mall, Bengaluru An impeccable provider of excellent solutions in Digital Transformation, Digital Customer Experience, Digital CX, Digital IT, Customer Experience, Customer Support, Content Moderation and Data Annotation
SensoVision Systems SensoVision Systems Vikram Jain, Founder & CEO An effective provider of world class services in Computer Vision, IOT, Machine Learning, Drone Autonomy, and Media Streaming
SigTuple SigTuple Tathagato Rai Dastidar, Founder & CEO Proferring impeccable services in Healthcare, Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, Deep Learning, Microfluidics, Robotics and a lot others
Solvio Solvio Raviteja Manepalli, Cofounder A triumphant provider of technologies artificial intelligence, education, internet, api, machine learning, computer vision, edtech, auto-grading, and grading
Streamoid Technologies Streamoid Technologies Hemang Shah, Senior Member Technical Staff A fervent provider solutions for Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, Outfit Recommednations, Similar Product Recommendations and Online Fashion Retail
Unbxd Unbxd Pavan Sondur, CEO & Co-founder A foremost provider of Intelligent Search Solutions for eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Personalized Navigation, Ecommerce Analytics, Enterprise Site Search and Product Discovery
Uncanny Vision Uncanny Vision Sankaranarayanan Parameswaran, Chief Technology Officer Offers astonishing services in Computer Vision, ARM Neon Instruction, Digital Signal Processors, Deep Learning, FPGA, Video Surveillance, Cloud Computing, Physical Security and cybersecurity