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  • 10 Best Deeptech Startups – 2023

    Deeptech Startups Efficiently dealing with Today’s Deepest Challenges The term Startup has become a buzzword of 21st century. Truly speaking, the honorable Prime Minister’s call for Startup India movement in 2015 on August 15th has augmented the count for mushrooming statups in India. As a result, Deeptech startups too increasing in numbers and India as a whole have evolved as a top-3 startup ecosystem. The term Deeptech or deep technology startups refer to a class of startup businesses that offers tangible engineering innovation or scientific discoveries. These startups specialize in the use of advanced new-age technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science, quantum computing, robotics and much more....

10 Best Deeptech Startups – 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Codincity Codincity Pandi Rajamony,CEO The company is at the epicenter of the cloud-tech movement, which covers phenomena such as SaaS products, cloudification, and data storage in the cloud, amongst others
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ariviya Ariviya Er. Swaminathan, Founder A Deeptech startup that uses science to solve real world problems, and also utilizes polymer technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology for innovative products derived from natural sources
Bluebolt Startup Factory Bluebolt Startup Factory Anil Chhikara, Founder A B2B and B2C tech startup factory focusing on Deeptech startups that use IoT, cloud/SaaS, big data & analytics, cybersecurity, robotics, autonomous driving and more
DigiTwin Technology DigiTwin Technology Ramkumar S, Co-Founder A Deeptech company specializing in Industry 4.0 solutions by offering digital manufacturing capabilities including digital twins, IIoT, platforms for manufacturing and process industries
Geninfy Robotic Labs Geninfy Robotic Labs Archana Nair, COO A deep-tech robotic aggregator which invest and partners with robotic businesses and an acquisition entrepreneurial company that invests, partners, creates, acquires & scales Deeptech brands globally
Hueint Hueint Haricharan Srikrishna, Founder & CEO A Deeptech start up working at the intersection of business, creativity & technology, focusing on the emerging technologies to create high-end scalable products
Innogle Innogle Kalaivani R, Co-Founder A deeptech company which provides innovative solutions for different verticals with emerging technologies and offers services including artificial intelligence, big data mining, robotics and more
Keiretsu Chennai Keiretsu Chennai Subramaniam Iyer, President An angel collective that believes in the potential of changing the world through innovation, and identifying gaps between access to capital, deep tech innovation, & expertise across the Indian & Singapore startup ecosystems
QNu Labs QNu Labs Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO A leader in quantum-safe cryptography products and solutions, offering unconditional and forward security of data on the internet and cloud
Sanchiconnect Sanchiconnect Dr.Sunil k Shekhawat , Co-Founder & CEO A platform to enable Deeptech companies acquire funding, talent, & customer, and is committed to explore & establish cross border partnerships between Indian deep tech stakeholders and outside world