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  • 10 Best Digital Entertainment Startups ­- 2022

    In this technology and digital driven business world, organizations are dramatically witnessing newer avenues to greater development, and the same goes for entertainment industry as well. The prowess of digital technology has extensively equipped the entertainment world with varied means to enjoy music, videos, and games anywhere, anytime. Digital technology has pragmatically overhauled the content creation and distribution methods and the way it consumed by the audiences respective of content type, to connect, learn, work, and play. Since, media & entertainment is largely about digital, India's Media & Entertainment industry is expected to grow to $ 55-70 billion by 2030, registering a 10-12 percent CAGR, led by OTT, Gaming, Animation and VFX. Moreover, the rapid...

10 Best Digital Entertainment Startups ­- 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Banzan Studios Banzan Studios Mukesh Dev, Founder A Character driven digital entertainment outfit spanning multiple products, multiple genres and on multiple platforms and they have run daily online comics with a growing fan base and have published a few mobile games applications
Brightcove Brightcove Pearl Tewari, Sales Director A pioneering force in the world of online video and continues to push the limits to educate, inspire, entertain, and communicate
Cityscope Cityscope Manit B., Founder It focuses on reducing clutter, presenting verified facts and information, reducing the dependence on algorithms to curate content, promoting a free and open dialogue, making learning fun, bringing back trust, and combining the power of offline and online media tools
Gaatha Gaatha Pooja Srivastava, Co-Founder It is backed by content-based recommender systems which can learn the listener's preference and show the library matched based on the participant’s pick and the technology-wise it aims to improvise its prototypes on text-to-speech conversion and natural language processing to enhance the app features
Kinosphere Kinosphere Ishrat Akhter , Co-Founder & Co-CEO The world’s first dedicated talent and service provider marketplace for the Indian Film Industry where the jobseeker is also the job giver
Muvi Muvi Anshuman Das, Founder It is Shopify for streaming website and Content owners can launch fully featured streaming platform available on web, mobile and TV at ZERO cost
Pratilipi Pratilipi Ranjeet Pratap Singh , Co-Founder & CEO A storytelling platform which brings readers, writers and their stories together and are larger than other Indian online literature platforms combined
Prinseps Prinseps Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil, Director It is bringing to the world modern and contemporary Indian art with a mixture of online as well as physical auctions
SilverPush SilverPush Hitesh Chawla, Founder With artificial Intelligence coupled with computer vision to detect the context in video content the firm accordingly serves in-Video Ads, in line with the advertiser’s core communication
Songdew Songdew Sunil Khanna, Founder It provides India's first of its kind platform to artists for collaborating, creating, publishing, promoting and distributing their music and it also helps to connect with the favourite artists/band and discover new music