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    The Education industry in India has undergone countless disruptions since the last decade, and Edtech is one major evolution in the industry that’s prevailing and going to exist in the space. In this digital era, Ed-tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. As per the IBEF reports, where the Indian EdTech industry was valued at $750 million in 2020, it is expected to reach $4 billion market size by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 39.77 percent. The Coronavirus pandemic largely propelled this growth, however the significant factors spurting this growth are the massive adoption of online education system in the K-12 segment, higher education and the rising demand for non-academic courses by the individuals from tier II & III cities for their upskilling needs for...

10 Best EdTech Startups – 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Classplus Classplus Mukul Rustagi, Co-Founder An EdTech startup company transforming the world of education by powering educationalists with the digital tools and resources that help them become future-ready
Curiotory Curiotory Ram, Co-Founder & Chief People Office, Sheetal Ramkumar, Founder & CEO A preferred online language learning and skilling platform for language enthusiasts
Edulyx Edulyx Vaibhav Jain, Co-Founder An edTech platform fostering a learning culture that transcends the boundaries of school or educational institutions and creates lifelong learners
Engvarta Engvarta Ashish Pandey, Founder English learning practice platform
HapGen Education HapGen Education Sapna Jha, Founder & Managing Director An online learnig platform providing leading-edge learning experiences with its diverse range of educational offerings
Jungroo Learning Jungroo Learning Cibe Hariharan, Co-Founder An AI powered assessments, evaluation, practice, and learning platform for education
Pesto Tech Pesto Tech Ayush Jaiswal, Co-Founder & CEO Offers a 16 weeks software engineering training course that prepares Indian students for high paying remote jobs in India and abroad
PhysicsWallah PhysicsWallah Pandey & Prateek Maheshwari, Co-Founders An edTech platform preparing students for competitive engineering and medical entrance examinations
ThinkStartup ThinkStartup Sanjeeva Shivesh & Shivani Singh Kapoor, Co-Founders Offering a full range of entrepreneurship education products and services to interested students, organizations, and schools
WhiteHat Jr Education WhiteHat Jr Education Karan Bajaj, Founder An online educational technology company, which mainly provides Coding, Math & Music courses for children