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  • 10 Best Food Processing Startups - 2021

    Food processing is the mechanism by which food products are converted into a shape that can be used. The conversion of raw materials to food may be covered by various physical and chemical methods. Mining, cooking, consistency, liquefaction, maceration and emulsification are various activities covered by this method. It is necessary to produce desirable, marketable foods, and, if necessary, life-long, safe, harvested or butcher and slaughtered animal products. Processing food has several goals, it improves food's shelf life, Prevent food pollution, preparation of food and transport, Makes raw foodstuffs enticing and marketable, provides a vast population of employment. Food processing start-ups work through the value chain to develop new goods, supply chain solutions,...

10 Best Food Processing Startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Fit & Flex Granola Fit & Flex Granola Pathik Patel, Designated Partner Offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious granola of different types like mango coconut, mixed fruit, and berries
Mahalaxmi Agro Mahalaxmi Agro Pritesh K Patel, Managing Director Produces potato flakes of low cholesterol which are hygienic and of different usage types like snacks & pellets, instant mash potato, potato products, ready made meals, and reconstituted French fires
Nutri Munchy Nutri Munchy Mamta Negi, Founder & CEO Their products help satiate the taste buds with delicious wholesome constituents that are easy to digest and healthy to eat as they are not fried, but baked
Nutrox Food LLP Nutrox Food LLP Arun Maurya, CEO The company decided to bring snacks which are not only healthy but economical too and with APPEATOZ, you can enjoy the process of being healthy without losing out on your pace
SnackAart SnackAart Fatema Arsiwala, Founder A platform that aims to make snacking healthy with snacks high on nutrition and zero on junk. SnackAart aims to change the way people have been snacking in three ways. They make snacks high in protein and fiber and low in salt, fat and sugar
Sprightly Food Sprightly Food Trisha Mehta, Founder The company manufacturing healthy Ready To Eat (RTE) roasted and baked packaged food products
Steam Up Steam Up Archit Agrawal, Founder They aim at enhancing the use of "steaming" into everyday lives of people by bridging the gap between delicious and hygienic meals
Swadhika Foods Swadhika Foods Swarnamugi Karthik, Managing Director Leading supplier and exporter of Premium Quality Frozen IQF fruits & vegetables and frozen ready to eat/cook foods. The products are 100 percent natural, fresh and unadulterated devoid of synthetic colours or preservatives.
TruMillets TruMillets Gagan Giri, Founder An array of quick, ready-to-cook & eat products that take your taste buds on a delicious ride
Waffle Mill Waffle Mill Sahil Engineer, Founder & Managing Director Provider of waffle chips, toaster waffles, stroopwafels, and combos