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    The importance of technology in Home Automation mainly helps in tracking and bringing worthwhile solutions to the smart home market. The startups analysis of the investors shows that innovation enters home and technology has become further integrated into our everyday lives and smart home startups are helping in creation of a wide range of products from homes safer products to more efficient and connected technology than ever before. The global home automation market is projected to grow from $54.41 billion in 2021 to $61.62 billion in 2022 at a CAGR 13.3 percent. A home automation startup helps in offering consultations and services to homeowners while helping them picking the best automation system for their home. The change in growth trend is mainly due to the companies stabilizing...

10 Best Home Automation Startups – 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Abodetek Abodetek Ashish Rai, CEO & Head of Sales and Marketing, Tarushri Rai & Shreyansh Rai Abodetek is committed to design, develop and market high-end, cutting edge, user-friendly, intuitive, untrouble some and most importantly economical product to Indian consumers
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Astrix Engineering Products Astrix Engineering Products Kowshik Devarajan, Founder Facilitating Home Automation System Integrators and Home Automation -Solution Providers
Blaze Automation Blaze Automation Arjun Valluri, Chairman & Managing Director Providing excellent products for Computing IOT gateway, IR devices and Wi-Fi enabled smart devices, Single Hub and a Single APP and a lot others
Calus Innovations Calus Innovations Jaydip Bipinbhai Patel, Founder Recognized for offering effective services for automation system to enable smart homes
Cavy Agrotronics Cavy Agrotronics Vilas Khade, Project Manager Offering a platform for API for Developers, Multimaster Control Panel, Triggers, Device Management and a group of technologies
GIC Theben Automation GIC Theben Automation Ojas Suresh Chordiya, Director, Director Renowned for providing Home Automation, KNX, Building Automation, Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Smart Homes, and Smart Buildings
Iotics Technology Iotics Technology Navin Babu Mahendran, Director Leveraging a stage for a set of electronic gadgets which are manufactured by automation startups
Kamonk Kamonk Anshum Khandelwal, Delhi Offers a plethora of IoT, Smart Home, Smart Bulb, Smart Plug, Universal Smart Remote, IR Blaster, Smart Lock and related gadgets
MANSVI Automations MANSVI Automations Srinath Srikantaiah, Business Head Renowned for offering automation and safety technology solutions
NAMO HiFi NAMO HiFi Satheesh Kumar, CEO Proferring services for Service IT Solutions, Smart Home Automation, Website Designing and E-Waste Consulting