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    Financial Investment Startups: Balancing the Best Investment for better Tomorrow Startups are the gem of the industry which possess the innovation and have the ability to earn the country a good economic return in the form of GDP and make India proud. Funding or capital lays the foundation of any startup. Capital is the first and foremost thing a startup needs to operate their day-to-day work, because capital is the life-blood of a business. In such a tightly packed cut-throat competitive world, raised funds or getting the required capital is getting very much crucial. The same way, Investment is playing a pivotal role for the forthcoming years, which will help a company to sustain in the market. Investment is an important part of financial planning, and with innovations in...

10 Best Investment Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Wylth Wylth Amit Shah, Founder & CEO Specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services, comprising investments, charge-free mutual funds, P2P investments, direct and global equities, digitally accessible loans, and insurance. Prioritizes the continual innovation and excellence of financial advisors not just by offering a diverse service portfolio and partnering with best-in-class service providers but also by encouraging continuous feedback
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ACRU Finserv ACRU Finserv Manjunath Reddy, Founder & CEO Their mission is to empower millions of underserved Indians in their savings and investments journey over the period of time. The platform helps banks, fintech companies and enterprises to launch savings and investment products faster based on their specific requirements, with minimal cost and without changing any of their existing processes and systems
CSPILLAI CSPILLAI Sureshbabu C Pillai, Founder & CEO Offers comprehensive support and step-by-step guidance to new angel investors, ensuring a smooth investment process. It excels in offering diverse investment avenues while navigating complex market landscapes with agility and precision
Growpital Growpital Rituraj Sharma, Founder Agri-investment venture, stands out as a prominent alternative investment platform in India. The company strives to enable efficient farming and return profits, which can be exemplified by its use of breakthroughs like drones
InvestMates InvestMates Prakash Nagarajan, Founder & CEO A data-driven and analytical platform that offers insights and information on a wide range of investment products, including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. Their mission is to democratise investing and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level
Optymoney Optymoney Vikas Tatia An integrated platform for individual financial management. Its team of experts brings to you tools and information to help you achieve your financial goals and making compliances, savings and investing profitable, fun and stress free
Pepcorns Pepcorns Ashish Pathak, Founder It is a fundraising platform, through which startups can raise capital from anybody, providing a medium for potential startups/brands and investors to collaborate, work, and grow together. It connects private investors, founders, VCs, angels, experts, and mentors who invest in potential unicorns starting with as little as ₹1,000, or raise capital for startup with our easy application process
RingMoney RingMoney Amit Jain, Founder A preferred Mutual Fund Investment App in India. Consistently deliver higher returns than the conventional investment options. BSE & AMFI registered investment platform which is using best-in-class encryption and security techniques
The Fixed Income The Fixed Income Tirth Shah, CEO Changing the way India invests in bonds by making investing easier, smarter, & more accessible for everyone. A comprehensive hub offering all fixed-income market products in one place. Leveraging advanced technology and data analytics to identify investment opportunities
Wealthally Wealthally Ravi Jaisalmeria, Director Providing convenience, accessibility, and diverse opportunities in the ever evolving financial landscape. The experienced founding members at the company possessing over decades of cumulative experience in the financial services industry have evaluated 4000+ businesses, enhancing their resource structuring and credit assessment capabilities