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  • 10 Best IoT Startups In Bangalore – 2022

    The internet of things or common as IoT is around the information technology sector for quite a time and the world is starting to understand the convenience of IoT and its immense potential of IoT in the business realm. The technologies are capable of offering solutions in devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Mobile phones, tablets, and almost all appliances are now connected through IoT and are monitored remotely. An IoT ecosystem with web-enabled smart devices is implementing embedded systems such as processors, sensors, and communication hardware for collecting, sharing, and acts on data that are acquired from the environments. IoT devices are sharing the sensors data that are collected by connecting to an IoT gateway or equivalent edge devices where data is either...

10 Best IoT Startups In Bangalore – 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
QZense Labs QZense Labs (L-R) Rubal Chib, CEO &, Dr. Srishti Batra, Co-Founder Renowned for providing next-gen IoT solution for fresh food quality assessment and management
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bert Labs Bert Labs Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO A world class solution provider from conceptualizing, designing and developing products to leveraging Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things
Black Rook Consulting Black Rook Consulting Aashik Sadar, Founder & CEO An offerer of solutions for Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Digital Marketing, Custom Software Solution & Software Consulting
DDriven Solutions DDriven Solutions Partha Ray, CEO Providing Operations Digitalization, Industrial IOT, Digital Twins, Analytics, Digitalization strategy consulting, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Transformation
Four Corners Four Corners Madhusudhan Rao, Co-Founder Offers IoT solutions for Smart Buildings, Workspace Automation, Smart Home and Smart Retails
Redinent Redinent Divyanshu Verma, CEO & Co-Founder, Arko Dhar, Cofounder and CTO Recognized for automating Vulnerability and Threat Assessment of IP Cameras and CCTV Networks
 Sanohub Technologies Sanohub Technologies Kesava Ram Dasu, COO & Director Provider of Wearable sensors support for continuous health monitoring, Tracking and monitoring of health parameters for alerts and a lot others
Sasya Systems Sasya Systems Santosh Jha, Founder & Chief Executive Officer An IoT solution provider for sensors, gateways and the cloud technology for farming
SmartClean Technologies SmartClean Technologies SmartClean Technologies, Lav Agarwal A topnotch provider of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Facility management, Predictive Cleaning , Big data, Analytics, Smart Building, and SaaS
Surebot Technology Solutions Surebot Technology Solutions Ravi Shankar Chandrasekhar, Director An effective solution provider of Asset Tracking, Healthcare, Farming and Safety Device