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  • 10 Most Promising Life Science Startups - 2021

    Because of the coronavirus outbreak, rapid development for finding newer techniques to fight a disease or taking precautions for any epidemic has become the need of the hour. It has pointed to some of the developments such as drug discovery and technology interventions that took a long time, even when it demanded faster progress. This has also opened the door for digital innovations in the life science companies to solve patient problems online. The Indian life science sector is vast and plays a critical role in strengthening the economy while putting India on the global healthcare map. Consisting of growth driving segments such as medical devices, diagnostics, clinical research, pharmaceuticals and digital healthcare among various others, the industry has shown immense resilience...

10 Most Promising Life Science Startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aisure Pharmaceuticals Aisure Pharmaceuticals Ayaz Sheikh, Managing Director A firm that develops and markets quality healthcare products in the areas of Dermatology, Gynaecology & General Segment
Bamerbio Bamerbio Srikant Singh, Maruthi Prasad Merdha, Founder & Director A young team of pharmaceutical professionals, from different domains of the Pharma industry with more than 60 years of experience, have come together with an idea of " Integrating Pharmaceuticals With Nutraceuiticals" , to make the lives better and happier with Evidence based product formulations from different parts of the world
ClinPro Research ClinPro Research Tarannum Kashmiri, Founder A firm providing cost-effective and exceptional quality clinical services to pharmaceutical, biotech, nutraceutical, medical device companies etc
Esperer Nutrition Esperer Nutrition Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO A firm that provides comprehensive nutritional support in chronic disease management
Genefitletics Genefitletics Sushant Kumar, Founder & CEO A company that decodes human & gut microbiome DNA to offer personalised nutrition recommendations that empowers to eradicate chronicdiseases
Samahitha Research Solution Samahitha Research Solution Sri Vatsa, Managing Director It is an integrated Clinical Research and development service provider, offering drug discovery research, clinical and consulting solution
Kingenic Kingenic Manan K., Founder & CEO A firm on a drive to transform the healthcare sector from reactive-care to preventive-care
Piscium Piscium Malay Dixit & Dr. Trupta Dixit, Founders A firm that aims to unearth state-of-the-art concepts developed by the scientific and medical fraternity in India and across the globe into commercially available products at the best value
Sambi Pharma Sambi Pharma Pragathi Yadhati, COO A firm that invents solutions by "connecting atoms" to some of the most complex and challenging issues that impact pharma research across the world
Theomics International Theomics International Madavan Vasudevan, Founder A firm with core focus on providing relentless genomics services to the exponentially growing academic clinical and pharmaceutical research market