• My Dental Plan: Oral Health Scenario In India: Challenges And Solutions
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    My Dental Plan: Oral Health Scenario In India: Challenges And Solutions

    A mere toothache! This is how most people in India perceive issues pertaining to dental health. However, it is well-researched fact that oral and dental health are an integral part of the overall well being of any individual. It is thus not surprising to note that a whopping 95% of adults suffer from gum diseases. Also, it is not just adults in the country that are battling with tooth and gum issues. It is pegged that every3 out of 5 school-going children also experience dental decay and eventually severe pain. Along with this, India is leading in oral cancer occurrences in the world. With a high number of tobacco consumers and negligible oral hygiene maintenance, oral health status is highly endangered in the country.


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