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  • 10 Best Medtech Startups - 2022

    The largest of the medical technology industries in renowned global locations are leading the world in research capabilities with universities that consistently attract global talent, developing on an existing rich history of ground-breaking medical innovations. One of the four key themes of the MedTech startups includes the purchase of innovative technologies followed by distribution. Presently, the medtech startup industry is evolving at a high pace and witnessing constant innovation and research work for the market. The startups are extremely profitable in terms of their business conduct and production quality which are maintaining the mindset of the changing medical community. While the medical industry is changing product acceptability and technology advancement, implementations...

10 Best Medtech Startups - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ErlySign ErlySign Shubhendra Singh Thakur, Co-founder & CEO,Dr. Deovrat Begde, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer An easy, accurate, non-invasive, affordable, and painless way for early detection of Oral Cancer
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Evelabs Evelabs Vishnu MS, Co-Founder Providing topnotch quality recharable, accurate, reliable, compatible smart infusion wireless electronic monitor
Lourdes Lifecare Lourdes Lifecare Joseph Paul, CEO Recognized for proferring services of digital imaging, hygiene systems, treatment units, surgical systems & turnkey solutions
Medev Plus Medev Plus Ravi Kiran Manapuram, Director Offering courses in Optical Imaging, Medical Devices, Life Science Research, Optics Studio, Optical Coherence Tomography & Ophthalmology
Medpho Medpho Shashank Saini, Founder & CEO A healthcare platform and one-stop solution for all the healthcare services in an affordable and accessible way
Meta16labs Meta16labs Anil JJ, Founder & CEO Provider of Healthcare IT, Digital Hospitals, Digital Clinics, Integrated Receivables Manager, & Referral Management
Netdox Health Pvt. Ltd Netdox Health Pvt. Ltd Rashie Jain, Director Providing effective and topnotch solutions for cancer and treatment diagnostics
Onward Assist Onward Assist Dinesh Koka, Co-Founder & CEO Provider of excellent Healthcare Analytics, Machine Learning, Computational Pathology, Mammography Diagnostics, Computer Vision & Oncology Analytics
Sleepiz Sleepiz Soumya Dash, CEO Provider of Sleep Apnea, COVID-19 & Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Watchful Eye Watchful Eye Paarmita Shukla , Founder Leveraging healthcare services, Convenience Services & Emergency Services