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  • 10 Best NCR Startups To Work For - 2022

    In terms of general perception, a startup is needed for a country’s progress development where all resources might be available or might not be available, however, the startup helps in excellent manufacturing or service providing. In today’s corporate culture, startups are beginning in countries where there is the greatest need for presenting the biggest opportunities. The underdeveloped countries are the homes of startups and offer entrepreneurship opportunities to fervent individuals. Each environment provides untapped problems where startups can take advantage not only of profits but also of an impact in the respective domain. India is a country that is part in alignment with startup excellence and the rest is still in development progress. Being a developing...

10 Best NCR Startups To Work For - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Branchx Branchx Sajid Jamal, Co-Founder & CEO, & Rajesh Johnny, Co-founder Renowned for offering topnotch services in fintech, banking, financial sector, Rural Entrepreneurship, Financial Growth, Financial Inclusion, Financial Sector, Digital Banking, Digital Investments, Financial Assistance and others
CARS24 CARS24 Shivender Malik, Director Ensuring services in Sell cars, Best price, Free Inspection, Online evaluation, Used cars, Car news, Automotive news, Second hand cars, Old cars, technology, and AutoTech
Delhivery Delhivery Sayantan Nandy, Chief of Staff A fervent provider of Omni-channel solutions, Order fulfillment solutions, Reverse Logistics, Payment collection, Express shipping, Logistics Technology, Online Channel Integration, Catalogue Management and more
Lenskart Lenskart Smeer Chopra, CFO Optimizing services in Eyewear, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Power Sunglasses, and Optical
OfBusiness OfBusiness Ruchi Kalra, Co-founder Facilitating services in Material Fulfillment, Raw Material Supplier, Smart Procurement, SMEs, Smart Financing, and Fintech
OYO OYO Muhammed Rafi Hakkeem, Talent Acquisition Offering optimum services in technology, pricing engine, hotel search and discovery, inventory syncing API, automated reconciliation, hotel management system, Travel accommodations, and hospitality
Paytm Mall Paytm Mall Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder An impeccable provider of e-commerce, Internet, and retail
Pine Lab Pine Lab Anu Mathew, Chief People Officer Leveraging services in Payment Solutions, Card Swipe Machine (GPRS, Wifi, NFC,DGPRS), EMI at POS, Business Loan at POS, Mobile Wallet Acceptance at POS, POS Integration with Billing System and a lot others
Snapdeal Snapdeal Navdeep Rattan, Manager Human Resources Encapsulating services in e-commerce, Internet, Online Market place, Engineering, Retail, and Consumer Merchandise
Wastelink Wastelink Saket, Director Providing world class services in Waste management, Cloud Technology, Data analytics, Reverse Logistics, Food Recycling, Circular Economy, Animal feed, Animal nutrition, and Food waste