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  • 10 Best Organic Food Product Startups - 2023

    Remarkable Growth of Indian Organic Food Products Industry After the thrashing intruding of this gigantic pandemic, we completely understood the value of good eating and good habits for maintaining health and wellbeing. Now we know that quality of food or any products that we are consuming plays a pivotal role, and that’s the point where organic food, organic farming, and herbal & ayurvedic products have started gaining importance and they are riding up the ladder of success by skyrocketing their sale. In this social media driven decade where people believe social media influencers more than their parents or friends, the new concept of organic food is burgeoning at a potential pace. Organic food products are minimally processed and it should always follow the food...

10 Best Organic Food Product Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Asili Asili Sneh Sharma, Founder Propagating to make people live healthy in natural way, the company leverages the power of nature to provide wide range of organic products such as health mixes, personal products and organic sugars to ensure the health and wellness
Chakravarthy Organic Exports Chakravarthy Organic Exports Harish, Chief Executive Officer Determined to improve health, the firm offers organic collections such as pure ghee, sesame & groundnut chikki balls, organic mollases sugar & so on. They ensure that their products are made without using chemical fertilizers and genetically modified organisms
Elworld Agro & Organic Foods Elworld Agro & Organic Foods Satyendra Narayan Dwivedi , Managing Director Aiming to redefine healthy lifestyle, the company brings authentic products such as organic sweeteners, cereals, pulses, beans, oils, nuts, spreads, flour, millets, rice, ghee and many more. Also they encourage farmers to transform chemical based farming to organic farming
Future Farmers Future Farmers Yogesh Kaurav, Founder & CEO Revolutionizing the agricultural productivity to make sustainable food chain, the firm offers organic jaggery, rice, pulses, wheat, gud chana, cookies and so on. They ensure that their products are grown from their own luscious field without using any chemical pesticides
HDC Group India HDC Group India M.I. Alam , Proprietor Perpetrated to provide healthy lifestyle, the firm manufactures & supplies organic foods to market. They offer quality and healthy millet based products including unpolished millets, ready to eat millets, millet grains and cold pressed oils
Indyo Organics Indyo Organics Shailender S Tripath, Founder Creating economical & environmental soundness, the company offers authentic organic products such as cereal grains, ghee, pulses, flours, spices, and so on. And they also ensures their products are processed in organic manner in order to keep their consumers safe & healthy
MAB Consumer Care MAB Consumer Care Bedraj Tripathy, Co-Founder & CEO Feeding humans with superfoods to improve immunity, the firm provides raw & premium honey, pollen grains, moringa infused pollen seeds, turmeric latte with coconut sugar, dehydrated sprouts, superfood based cookies and many more
Organic Express Organic Express Dr. H.S. Shetty, Chairman & Managing Director Bringing healthy lifestyle in this modernized era, the firm focus on current generation to provide sustainable lifestyle. They are leveraging goodness of nature to offer pure organic and GMO free products such as ghee, coffee powder, coconut, alemane jaggery and so on
Real Agri Creation Real Agri Creation Ajay Lehri, Head-Business Operations Engaging in distribution of hybrid & open pollinated seeds, the firm supplies quality seeds for crops such as tomato, gourds, melons, and leafy vegetables for agronomial purposes to cater farmers demand.
Sattva Naturals Sattva Naturals Lakshmi Teja, Founder Empowering people to embrace holistic nourishment, the company offers organic products such as grains, cold pressed oils, ready to cook food and fresh millet batters. They use cast iron, bronze and brass based cooking utensils for cooking