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  • 10 Best Recruitment Startups from Karnataka -­ 2022

    Given the competitions lurking around the business companies and institutions today, the recent technological advancements and COVID-19 pandemic effects has largely been forcing the modern workplace to evolve. To hail through the evolutions, talent acquisition specialists and business leaders are under constant pressure to find top talent at lower costs while competing with big brands and promising startups. Hence, undergoing a series of disruption, from shifts in recruiting expectations to AI-powered hiring, the recruitment industry continues to evolve. Staying ahead of the latest recruiting trends, acquisition specialists and business leaders today, are allocating high quality talent at scale with the right tools and strategy in place. Moreover, with today's candidate-driven...

10 Best Recruitment Startups from Karnataka -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
LazyApply LazyApply Vivek Dwivedi, Co-Founder & CEO A SAAS product build for job seekers that can automatically apply for jobs posted on any job boards and an end-to-end automation tool for job seekers
Navyam Consultancy Navyam Consultancy Satyam Kumar & Navneet Singh, Co-Founders A recruiting or placement firm that primarily deals with four industries including banking Insurance, Edtech and real estate
People Maketh People Maketh Joel Fernandez, Founder & Delivery Head A consulting firm that helps connect individuals, organizations to meet their business goals. The key services include IT staffing,Contingent hiring and vendor sourcing
Skyrega Tech Skyrega Tech Anand Reddy , Founder & CEO A Platform for listing and booking of resorts Skyrega-Rivia with a cloud tech software to manage everything for a resort
Storyy.io Storyy.io Aditya Nagpal , Founder & CEO A social recruiting platform that enables HR teams to turn their jobs and content to social-media posts, share them to relevant talent communities and measure the impact of their campaigns on recruiting outcomes
Superset Superset Naman Agrawal , Co-Founder A fast growing company, and backed by Blume Ventures, a leading early stage venture firm and enables corporates to digitize & automate their campus hiring program
Talent Infinity Talent Infinity Prabakar S., Founder & Director A professionally driven organisation with experienced domain experts who provides end to end support from sourcing until onboarding the right candidate across India
Talentrabbit Talentrabbit Srinivas Ravuri , Founder & CEO An expert in technology hiring for the IT industry in the Indian market and offers tailor made solutions that are capable to meet client specifications and requisites
Watsonite Watsonite Sreelij Sreedharan, Vice President The firm’s main objective is to satisfy its clients, by finding the best talents that are qualified to produce the best results, can scale up or down as needed per the project’s requirements, and meet the changing demands of the company
Wiz Staffing Wiz Staffing Priya Desai , Founder & CEO They provides hiring solutions for technology startups, internet mobile online retail firms, and enterprise product development companies