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  • Spotlight Edition ­ November -­ 2022

    As competition is lurking around the industries and the existing markets, and businesses are striving to thrive, startups are performing exemplarily staying at the top of the game, leveraging innovative solutions and tapping onto new market opportunities. On the back of best digitalfed infrastructure and internet of things, the startup landscape has steadily burgeoned in India. India has emerged as the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups globally with over 77,000 DPIIT-recognized startups across 656 districts of the country, as of 29th August 2022. The reports also state that India ranks 2nd in innovation quality with top positions in the quality of scientific publications and the quality of its universities among middle income economies. The innovation in India is not just made around...

Spotlight Edition ­ November -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Fosterjee Fosterjee B.K Behera , Founder Fosterjee is spinning out multiple outreach programs that are available via the internet offering courses content across mathematics and science.
GE3 Services GE3 Services Satyapal Singh, Executive Director The world today is in dire need of embracing sustainable solutions aggressively to minimize the harmful effects of climate change
Kenko Health Kenko Health Dhiraj Goel, Co-founder, Aniruddha Sen, Co-founder Internet penetration, government initiatives and investment in the healthcare sector has catapulted innovation and growth in the digital health
LWI Electronics LWI Electronics Christina Jayanthi, Head Quality Control Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives by making life more comfortable and convenient.
NCS Soft NCS Soft Shanmugavel Palanivel, CEO In a dynamic world, the role of audit is not that of a defence mechanism post events but that of a predictive
Rvsbell Analytics Rvsbell Analytics R. Venkata Subramani, Founder Agrowing number of workforces, as well as an increase in startup culture in India over the last decade or so, has all encouraged the expansion
Scivoc Consulting Scivoc Consulting Najeeb, Founder & CEO In the fast-paced global drug development and research initiatives
The Healing Cafe The Healing Cafe Manu Doomra, Founder In a society dominated by pharmaceuticals, nature can occasionally aid in the recovery from illness
The Tatwa The Tatwa Ramya Sidharth, CEO The past year has presented with a plethora of new challenges in the work field. What hiring managers wants is that one will come up with new ideas while addressing the existing problems
GMMCO GMMCO Chandrashekar V., MD & CEO India is envisaged to become the third largest economy in the world with a GDP of $6 trillion by the end of this decade. Towards this journey