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  • Spotlight Edition - December -­ 2022

    The competition is stiff around the business and industry sectors today, and given the pragmatic shifts, there are business leaders foraying as a startup venture to comprehend and provide for the emerging needs of the businesses. Bringing in significant technology developments across diverse industry and business segments, including new market tappings, India has emerged as the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, with 107 unicorns (startups with valuations of $1 billion or more) with a total valuation of $340.79 billion, as of 7th September 2022. Well, the startups are segmented around Scalable startups, Small business startups, Lifestyle startups, Buyable startups, Big business startups, and Social startups in the country leveraging efficient services with customer-centric...

Spotlight Edition - December -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Prismatic Softwares Prismatic Softwares Sambprasad Kuvalekar, Founder & Managing Director Committed to enable customers gain market leadership by providing innovative technology solutions
Hawking Defence Services Hawking Defence Services From L to R: Dr. Rajeev Koundinya, CEO, Vijay Narayanan , MD, Capt. Amber Singh Uban, Director We are presently working on developing military grade systems capable of delivering the extra tactical advantage for the Indian defence establishments.
Southern Infra Southern Infra Arvind Chenjeri, Partner Southern Infra offers an array of services including construction, topographical and traffic surveys, and project management consultancy.
Trade Brains Trade Brains Kritesh Abhishek , Founder & CEO We have financial education, stock analytics tools, and news platforms, and we can help people with the stock market trading and investing through our tools
Wisdom Capital Wisdom Capital Deb Mukherjee, CEO A fixed deposit (FD) interest rate set by banks will serve as the benchmark for the interest rate Wisdom Capital would pay on the funds kept by its customers.