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    In the last five years, the sixth largest food industry in the world, India, has witnessed overwhelming growth with respect to revenue and size. The Food Processing sector contributes to 30 percent of the total sales while the retail start-ups sector yields the other 70.  The Indian Food Industry has been recognised as a high-growth sector and is most likely to grow to an estimated market size of $894.98 Bn by 2020. On further magnification, the Food Service Industry will experience a growth up to $78 Bn by 2018 only. The Central Government has taken some initiatives to facilitate the growth of this sector recently. In order to promote the procurement transparency of agricultural output, a national e-mandi has been introduced. For marketing of food products, 100 percent...

10 Best Startups in Food Processing - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Divine Foods Divine Foods Ribhu Tiwari, Managing Director A leading Gluten-Free, Vegan & healthy snack manufacturing company
Eat Easy Foods Eat Easy Foods Pranav Nandu and Hardik Shah, Co- Founders one of the agricultural and food processing hubs that gives us a massive advantage when it comes sourcing the top quality of raw material and having a direct connect with all markets
Go Go Bananas Go Go Bananas Rohan Shetty, Founder Manufactures, distributes and markets gluten free 'Banana Flour' made from premium quality Cavendish variety bananas
GOURI'S GOODIES GOURI'S GOODIES Vidur Gupta, Managing Director Leverages a straightforward approach right from sourcing the ingredients, executing a seamless process to taking care of the helpers in kitchen
Ormeal Ormeal Veen Pula, Founder A brand which is Organic in true sense and highly thinks that Quality is the way of life
Saucery Saucery Gayatri Bhatia, Founder Runs on the sole ambition of empowering Indian consumers to eat gourmet without burning a hole in their pockets
Somey's Kitchen Somey's Kitchen Joel Jerome & Sandy Samuel Jerome, Founders A food brand focused on unique and speciality foods within the "Free From" category
STK Foods STK Foods Sangita S, Director Delivers the wonderful gifts that nature has in its store in the form of healthy, nutritious and organic foods
The Mumum Co. The Mumum Co. Farah Nathani-Menzies & Shreya Lamba, Co-Founders Provides 100 percent natural and nourishing foods to help their little bodies grow better and faster