Cybersecurity Start-up CloudSEK raises $7 million led by MassMutual Ventures & Others

Start-up in cyber-security CloudSEK, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent cyber attacks, has raised $7 million (Rs 50 crore) from MassMutual Ventures in its Series A round.

Omidyar Network, 100X Entrepreneur, individual investors Firoz Meeran and Navas Meeran (Eastern Group), and CRED creator Kunal Shah's QED Innovation Labs also contributed to the fundraising.

This round of funding also included existing investors Exfinity Venture Partners, IDFC Parampara, and StartupXseed Ventures.

This brings the total amount invested in CloudSEK to $10 million.

CloudSEK, based in Singapore, was created in 2015 by cybersecurity expert Rahul Sasi.

"Humans can accurately predict rain with the help of data sources and mathematical models. Cloudsek aims to do something similar in the cyberspace.

Our technology focus is to predict cyberattacks, even before they occur, by leveraging our AI platform," said Sasi, who is the Founder and Chairman of the company.

The startup currently has more than 100 customers and plans to add another 300 in the next two years.

CloudSEK proactively detects, analyses, and resolves cyber threats using unique data sets, proprietary machine learning models, and non-intrusive methodologies. XVigil, the company's primary digital risk monitoring product, is also being improved.