Kapil Dev Dons Investor's Hat for AI Startup Harmonizer India

Team StartupcityAI based power solutions startup Harmonizer India announced on Thursday that it has received angel investment from cricketer extraordinaire Kapil Dev. The magnitude of the investment however was not disclosed.

“I have invested in Harmonizer India to support the Indian brainpower and technocrats who have done so well to acquire 14 patents,” Kapil Dev said in a statement. He will hold an undisclosed stake in the company. The move comes amidst India’s
growing adoption of AI for enterprises.

Founded in 2019, Harmonizer creates artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things (IoT)-focused energy efficiency solutions technology. Harmonizer’s products and solutions include ‘Patented AI/ Machine Learning based Energy & Asset Management Software Solutions’, ‘Power Solution Products’ and ‘Energy Efficiency Solutions’, amongst others.

“We have R&D Centre at Bangalore and presence in India, UAE and Canada. We have filed more than 14 patents and would be filing more in coming months on technologies like AI/ML for Industries that will have great advantage for our Customers,” said M R Srinivas, CTO and R&D Head, Harmonizer India.

Manoj Soni, CEO, Harmonizer India said, “I am very happy that Mr. Kapil Dev has decided to infuse new energy to the Company that will conquer greater heights. The IoT market in India is poised to reach USD 15 billion by 2020, accounting for nearly 5 per cent of the total global market. There are tremendous opportunities for further growth. Harmonizer is aiming to achieve a significant part of that pie.”