Remedico Receives an Investment Worth $500K

Team Startup CityRemedico raised an investment of $500K from Venture Catalysts. Vida Ventures, and a clutch of angel investors, including Anshumani Ruddra (VP of product at Hotstar), and Rohini Pandhi (startup advisor and angel investor) also participated in the investment round. Dr. Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, President and Co-Founder, Venture Catalysts, said, “Skin and hair care in India is approximately $7 billion industry, and will achieve more than $10 billion in valuation over
the next two-three years, with a projected 20-25 percent online penetration. Given this landscape, Remedico’s mature product and service offering and a strong technology driven infrastructure places it in good stead to lead this market.”

Founded by Ranjit Bhatia (ex-VP of Product at Craftsvilla, ex-Sequoia) in 2017, Remedico is an end-to-end mobile healthcare company, allowing young people to solve their critical health problems, as they move through adolescence and early adulthood. Its current focus is on dermatology, with its doctors treating conditions such as acne, hair fall, and pigmentation. In a statement, the startup added that what makes Remedico different is its holistic, medical science-based approach featuring a panel that includes experts in gynecology and nutrition, to help address some of the root causes of skin and hair issues, such as hormonal imbalances and poor diet.

Ranjit Bhatia, Founder, Remedico, said, “This investment has validated our belief in the need and viability of Remedico’s core proposition. From app-based consultation to developing a robust product ecosystem, we have an exciting vision with Remedico that will benefit from investors such as Venture Catalysts and Parkview, not only in terms of capital but also the expertise and mentorship they provide.”