Real Estate Startups: Advancing Steadily to Redefine a Remarkable Future


The landscape of Indian Real Estate has been witnessing an incredible growth over the past few decades. All credit goes to new & innovative startups emerging with advanced techniques & user-centric approaches in the sector. They have become an ultimate part of the real estate & fostering to bring the technology and sustainability into the main position. Startups across various categories in the real estate are evolving with innovation & advancement & acting as core-catalyst for the real estate development.

The evolution of these startup innovators are tremendously streamlining the operations as well as enhancing the user experience by underscoring their pain points and inefficiencies. By adapting to the market trends and customer needs and requirements they integrate digital tools and platforms to transform the way people search properties, accommodate, connect with developers and make informed decisions on selling and buying. So here in the article, let’s explore the Diverse areas of Indian real estate where startups are driving force for hiking the standards through tapping all the boundaries.

Real Estate Financing Tech

In the heavily crowded real estate landscape, identifying the right & appropriate financing options can be a chaos sometimes. The conventional lenders may not always offer the best deals or terms for real estate investments. That’s where the startup stars come in. The revolutionary real estate financing tech startups are redefining the lending landscape by introducing innovative & digital mortgage platforms.

They harness the power of technology such as blockchain for utmost transparency & security to execute the lending projects successfully using AI-based data and predictive analytics with precise property valuation and risk assessments. They are also launching alternative models such as P2P lending, crowd funding platforms, and designing automated valuation models to improve the customer experience, lessen the costs, and widen the access to real estate funding through offering customized loan recommendations.

For instance, founded by Atul Monga, BASIC Home Loan acts as a digital lending platform for home loans. It provides an automated platform for protected real estate financing enabling the users to connect with right and secured lenders according to their requirements aiding the users on real estate documentations, expenses, and payment process.