Revealing the Consumer trends - Key to unlock Startup Success

In today’s business landscape where cut-throat competition is escalating day-by-day, startups face massive challenges when it comes to set-up their presence & establish firmly in the market. In order to navigate this complicate terrain, startups must be aware of the evolving needs & preferences of their target consumers. At this point, the impact of keeping up with consumer trends plays an important role. So, analyzing & staying updated on consumer trends including invaluable insights, ever-evolving demands, behaviors & expectations of the market are mandatory to meet the evolving likings of customers.

In addition, in an age of intense digitalization & increasing consumer awareness, the buyer preferences & behaviors continually alter. By monitoring & executing consumer trends proactively, startups can spot their up-and-coming niches, adapt strategies & grab potential growth avenue. So, hereby this article lists the Top Consumer Trends for Start-ups to achieve enhanced targeting & positioning to foster long-term success.

AI is taking the control

Today, people can talk with AI assistants, jim-jam with Alexa, Siri and enjoy the change of lightings in smart homes, get insights on weather, set voice-activated timers & so on. Nevertheless, there are brands which have reached inclusive heights by using AI in million ways. It takes the brands to next level by generating automatic push notifications, navigating users to find where they left and suggesting desired products & so on. AI acts as a greatest rescuer when it comes to maintain human touch with consumers. A powerful & well-trained AI can make the consumer to feel much catered by identifying their main points. By combining the AI model with consumer data, brands can achieve personalized engagement & results in more AI-based purchase leads. For instance, Haptik, a creative firm offers AI-First products for brands to foster the long-lasting relationships with consumers.

Social Media is a Savior

In accordance with Statista, social media will turn out to be a virtual runaway for 331 million global users by 2028. If this status persists to grow rapidly, then no one can resist the amalgamation of social media & business changing every nook & cranny of the consumer trends & styles. Rather than leveraging the conventional methods to reach the wider & targeting consumers, harnessing the power of social media & its trends make sense, as it allows the user to buy their desired items & products directly from any social media platforms. There is plethora of social commerce strategies such as social media listening, influencer collaborations, personalized advertising, chatbots, user-generated content, AR/VR experiences & so on. Every brand can proceed without any reluctance to expand their products & services through shopping videos & live stream videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram reels, and so on. To mention, Christ X marketing – startup based in Karnataka providing stunning social media solutions to equip businesses with their creative content, eye-catching graphic designs & many out-of-box strategies.

“With consumer preference of using technology in all aspects of life, developers too will have to adopt these evolving consumer behavior demands in their projects going forward”, - Pankaj Narang, Senior programme manager, Prop.Vu.

Targeting the Talks of Generations

As social media is the base stone for the brand success, we have to target the consumers from there. The perspective of using social media is different for each & every generation. So, the thing is we have to target & approach the consumers according to the stages of generations such as Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Millennials & Gen X. As per the Google analytics, Gen Alpha is more likely to prefer attractive & interactive visual content platforms such as YouTube for new product & discovery such as review videos, un-boxing videos & purchasing guidance. Gen Zs are mostly occupied in the digital apps, particularly Instagram. Through popular celebrities & influencers, brands can vibrate & connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Further, Gen X are preferring in-person shopping and loyal testimonials. To denote, ROI minds –a startup running to accelerate the growth & business to brands offering data-driven solutions such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Snapchat & TikTok ads and retargeting ads & strategies.

Experiential makes you Exotic

In a jam-packed & crowded market landscape, fetching the experiential retailing to your business goes beyond all the marketing strategies. Allowing the consumers to experience the tendency of products digitally or physically captivates them through multiple sensory points. By leveraging the interactive elements, digital tools, technology and sensory stimulation activities, the experiential offerings elevate the purchasing journey into memorable & results in making the consumers to connect with your brand emotionally & intellectually. To refer, mirrAR, a Bengaluru-based startup empowering the brands to transform the shopping experiences for consumers through AR-powered Vitual try-on technology & Artificial intelligence. They are offering hyper-realistic AR/AI virtual try-on’s for brands under verticals including jewelry, beauty, and skin care and so on.

Consumer trends are the scope that guides startups as well as well-established brands towards success, enlightening the path to innovation & unlocking the doors to endless possibilities

Omnichannel Oaths to elevate Digital shelf life

In order to stay agile in a market, Omni Channels races first. It fetches the consumers’ journey with the brand together to strengthen the popularity of the brand. The multi-faceted approach of the omnichannel spotlights on offering flawless consumer experiences at every level by interacting with consumers through various digital platforms such as social media, apps, chatbots, email box, push notifications & so on. Global giants like Amazon & Spotify synchronizes their consumer carts & user experiences through omnichannels. Overall, these productive channels aids in gaining consumer loyalty bolster sales and reduce the consumer whips. In that case, WebEngage, an inventive startup facilitates the brands to generate personalized experiences for their users. They make consumer interactions easy using marketing automation & aids brands to create user engagement with human touch so that users can feel more realistic like just talking to their best friend.

“Customization extends beyond marketing communications. Companies may utilize technology to customize their goods and services for specific clients – Dhiren Savla, Chief Informational Officer, VFS Global”.

Upon considering the all trends, acknowledging a pulse of consumer trends not only helps startups create innovative solutions but also enables them to anticipate future market demands and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore they can spot budding market opportunities & amend their offerings accordingly. Thus if you are a person to empower your brand to thrive in this highly competitive marketplace or a Startup enthusiasts to build your own portfolio, What could be greater than that considering the consumer trends as a foremost step? So yes, focus on these trends; execute the strategies, penetrate, play & prosper!